Any site that have recommened tradesmen on??

10 Nov 2005
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United Kingdom
At the weekend we had a pipe burst upstairs.
We had an assessor round today but basically said they would only replace/repair water damaged items.He did comment on getting 2 quotes and sorting things out myself, now the preferred option as we cannot afford half a kitchen. So i could save money on the various labour fees disposal for the 2 damaged floors, ceiling and kitchen install by completing this myself.

I have typed a list of what is required but
i don't mind paying for a quote as i feel a quality tradesmen deserves that as i am paying for their time but no work at end?? but need prices required for Insurance payout
Is there any recommended sites for trades that work ie not advert pages
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I think the simple solution is to do as the assessor has requested, get two companies to come around and quote. They are generally for free with no obligation. You can be truthfully to those quoting and explain the purpose of this if you wish, and offer them payment for their time.
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