Bath Taps and Foam 'Gasket'

12 Jun 2011
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United Kingdom

I'm hoping someone might be more familiar with is than I am, coming to the end of a bathroom refit and I've been left with the unenviable task of sealing the bath to finish off.

Some tile trim for the bath edges, fine, but then there's around the taps.

Pictures below, but there's a foam gasket (for want of better word!) that just seems a bit too thick. I've checked back on the packaging for the taps and it is specifically mentioned, but it just seems to me that I'll need to whack quite a lot of silicone around the taps to seal that gap?

Am I worried over nothing?! Any thoughts?

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The gasket will squash down a fair bit when you tighten the back nuts up.....they are often slightly thicker than need be to accommodate any curvature of the bath.
Small tip - finish the bath to wall seal before mounting the taps, and use brass back nuts, if the original ones are that ghastly plastic.
John :)
Thanks John, useful tips...

Alas for me, I was away whilst the installation was being done, hadn't really looked too closely at the bath until now, too busy tiling(!), and the bath was 'boxed in' during fitting :oops:

I'm a bit loathe to dismantle the panels - wood panels with skirting board and floor laid afterwards... not the most accessible!

What would you think about trimming back any excess foam and going with what I thought I had to do originally, i.e. fill it up with silicone?

It's going to be a very occasionally used shower/bath so shouldn't see overly heavy traffic...... (he says hoping it will change the inevitable answer...!)
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Instead of using the bath trim (they normally leak anyway), Mask the area to be sealed around the bath with masking tape (Including behind the taps). Half fill the bath with water, then seal around the bath using a mastic gun. Run a wet finger along the mastic pushing it into the gap. Remove tape, then gently smooth again with a wet finger.

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