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16 Feb 2012
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United Kingdom
I have fitted a new veritas excel alarm system in the house. All has gone well. For the front door (exit/entry) I have fitted a PIR instead of door contact as it was easier for me to hide cable. I am ok with this but just concerned any post coming through the letterbox, light reflections from kitchen at end of hall may set it off. Will fitting a dual tech (DT) pir be a better option and less likely to cause false alarms ?

I have also fitted a pir in the conservatory. The electrical shop where i purchased alarm gave me a Texecom Reflex dual element pir. Is this suitable for this environment or should i change this for a DT ?

For the Dts i am looking to get the Texecom Prestige DTs, good choice ?

Do you know what is the minimum distance the microwave range can be set on this model ?

Thanking you in advance.
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dual tecs, way to go over a standard pir (one more sensor that requires activation so more protection against false alarms)

i have the amdt plus pirs, they have 15m pir and microwave detection, min detection is 5m.

should be a dual tech in consevatory, but still should not be facing windows (as per the insturction sheet supplied with the amdt+)
Thanks for that. I think I will go down the DT route for the hall and conservatory.

should be a dual tech in consevatory, but still should not be facing windows (as per the insturction sheet supplied with the amdt+)

can i just ask how do you not face it towards a window in a conservatroy ?
your guess is as good as mine, it quite clearly shows in the instruction sheet that they should not be facing windows, the microwave can / may see through the windows.

if the microwave is set up correctly you should be ok, you will need to walk test out side the consevatory to make sure you pir does not activate, a few times up n down the step lader, changing the microwave range till you get it set correctly is what you need to do.
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Although the M/W may well trigger outside (So do set it up correctly), it needs both technologies to activate a DT.
So follow the mounting instructions exactly for false alarm reductions.
It is difficult to avoid sunlight and you may get issues 6 months down the line when the sun is in a different position ( Winter sun, it has caught a few out :D) , so allow some slack. Although a DECENT DT not a cheap one should suffice.
op, the amdt+ is not supprted by your panel, according to my instruction sheet it only works on the premier range of panels, so make sure the dt you get is compatable with your panel.
Thanks for your help guys.

Yep I believe the amdt is not suitable so was planning to get the prestige DTs from Texecom. Yes probably need a lot of testing to set up correctly in a conservatory but how do you actualy do that. ? As you say there is 2 forms of technology. If I walk around the perimeter of the conservatory to detect microwaves then I presume the alarm will still not go off as the other variable has not been compromised. I supposed if I adjust it to the lowest microwave setting would be a start.

If I put the sensor in a lower position would that reduce the microwave range ?

I presume the current Texecom Reflex Dual Element PIR currently fitted is unsuitable ?

yes the 2 technologies will need to be triggered to activate, however you still dont want the microwave seeing thorugh windows, or walls for that matter - if you can see what im gettin get.

i can only go off the amdt+ (as i have the instructions) re the hight of the pir yes ot affects range re height, but there are settings on the amdt+ that you select to tell the pir how high it is.

i think you will find if you put it at the standard high, set up the microwave correctly that you will be ok, but you wont know untill its up, set up, and tested.

and your current pir is prone to heat/sun light activation as its only relying on its pir, as it has not dt, personaly id not have a standard pir in a conservatory, infact i belive its a big no no.
thanks Lee will give it a go. In terms of the putting a DT sensor in the hallway, would I need to be as accurate or can I be quite flexible as it is only being used for exit and entry ?
madz i do not agree with not using a door contact for the exit entry door mate, as ive not used a pir for exit entry i cant really comment, there are some pro texecom installers on here (probably still at work) who will assist you on this.

but as per the instructions, the microwave should not be able to see through windows, or a wall into another room.
it hasnt been mentioned in this thread but would quad detectors do a job for my specified areas or do the experts class DTs as a better option or is it a matter of opinion ?

I usually put PIRs in the room the conservatory leads into and then door contacts within the conservatory.
The conservatory should really have a minimum of valuables in it.
Dont get false alarms that way allthough to be fair I dont have any pirs that would deal with the fluctuations and warm air movements you get in conservatories.

few chairs and a settee etc

One guy used it for an office with big TV , office deskss, computers etc etc incredible , like a burglars shop window.

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