Blocked drain(s)

Also I've checked the inspection chamber in the back garden. I'm no expert, but it looks pretty clear to me. Bit of water in the bottom but no visible blockage, no bad smell. There seem to be three ways for waste to get in - would they all be from our house?


That's definitely a foul chamber?
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mike are wcs water level /s in the pan high ,after flushing , or very low .just to get an idea of how much water is getting away. if a reasonable amount is ,get someone to flush WC, while you are looking into the insp chamber. you will then establish which is the inlet pipe and the line that's problematic.

Terry, the levels seem to rise quite high immediately after flushing, but sink to normal within about 30 seconds.

Run the shower and watch the chamber. Same for the toilets. See what the pattern of water is through the chamber. If the water doesn't come from the flush in quick succession it must be in the house. You could be looking in an unrelated chamber though.

John, will try this over the weekend..

Actually that would indicate there would be another one somewhere, although sometimes it's buried under hard standing.o_O

What would indicate that? I'm getting confused here - how many inspection chambers does the average modern house have?

Mate if that's what your toupee looks like you really need to go to a better wig maker! Your comment made me laugh:LOL:

Damn. I was thinking of rinsing it out and wearing it when this mess is sorted!
I know of a good firm down there, 'Norfolk 'n' Chance', they might be able to help ;)

Thanks Ian, I might be needing them the way things are going. Couldn't find them though. Do you have contact details?
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hi ,some houses have a foul drain for sewerage and another for cleaner water like rainwater off roof . you need to find out if wcs when flushed ,are expelling into the chamber you are looking in. as you just told us water is actually getting away when flushing next step is finding out where it's going .
Thanks Terry,

I'll check that and report back...
Thanks Terry,

I'll check that and report back...

Some photos of soil runs/branches may help. Do you have any other smaller waste pipes that are T'd into the 4" on horizontal runs anywhere? This is not good practice and if the wrong reducer is used the smaller waste pipes can slip down into the 4" and cause an obstruction!
Hugh, I just assumed it was. It's the only one I can see. What other kind is there?

Terry has kindly explained, generally we refer to 'Foul' sewers, which take the soil and waste from W.C.'s, baths, showers, basins, sinks, etc, and 'Storm' or 'Surface' water drains that take the rainwater runoff from roofs, roads, paved areas etc. Storm drains by the nature of what they carry, are cleaner and dont tend to smell, they discharge into soakaways, or a watercourse.

Foul drains take sewage, and conveys it to be treated. In urban areas, a treatment works, isolated properties may have a septic tank. Foul drains usually have a characteristic whiff and the tell tale staining/build up of sewage on the channels in the chambers.
Thanks Guys.

Progress! I think we can assume the chamber I looked in was a storm drain.

I found another, buried under a concrete slab and a large plant pot, and this one is about as foul as anything I ever wish to see. It's literally full to the brim, and it's on the side of the house where most of the plumbing and all of the toilets are situated.

I suppose the question now is whose responsibility it is. Mine or the water company's?

Dyno offer a 'mechanical drain unblock' costing 'up to £145 incl VAT'. Right now I'd happily pay that to get this situation sorted...
down to you mate. ring around get the cheapest fixed price and get them in
If The manhole is shared then it's the water company's responsibility, but in any case the important thing is where the blockage is. Of course it must be down stream of your manhole or on the outlet. See if the neighbours are having the same trouble if so definitely the water co.
Thanks both,

I'll speak to the neighbour tomorrow. The manhole is very close to the boundary, so hopefully it's shared..
You might be lucky and be able to unlock it with a piece of wood. It could be a blockage in the outlet especially if it has an interceptor trap like this:


That one had the cap missing so didn't fill right up.
Thanks Ian.

The first problem is that it's completely full, so I've no idea what it even looks like, or where to poke the piece of wood (let alone how to dispose of it afterwards)..

The second is that I'd rather pay at least £200 than ever lift that lid again!

Do you have contact details for Norfolk 'n Chance please? When I search for them all I get is sports references.


Mike that company make is just a joke name, sport has it's fair share of word play, hence most of the references are to sport. Say it out loud to a family member and you'll realise:LOL:

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