Would I need to get a longer pipe? Il go and have a look tomorrow and try get the lid off and see what’s actually in there. This is all new to me so it’s all learning which is good!
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In an ideal world this would be run inside.
A couple of winters back these were freezing and stopping the boiler from working. Your plumber tomorrow should be able to advise.

The boiler has like an antifreeze pod underneath we had the boiler checks in January and it was running 100% I think it’s all because of where the previous owner selected to have it placed! Ideally if I had the money I’d have it moved from the bedroom to the kitchen and get it all running as you said into waste pipes!
I have no idea what the last owner was thinking but it’s all brand new and was only put in before we bought. We will have to ask boiler man tomorrow and see what he suggests. Even if the soakaway hasn’t done anything wrong where the area is that’s flooded is going to be dug away so we need to figure out where we will put it.
no. because it is somewhat acidic, like fruit juice. I have seen a neighbour who let it drip onto a path and it eroded it away, leaving a hole with small stones in it from the concrete that were not eaten. You would not want it dripping into your foundations.

You can run it into a drain where it will be diluted by your bathwater; otherwise the limestone chippings to neutralise it. They will themselves be eaten away so need to be replenished periodically.
Thank you, that makes sense. but what about if it was allowed to drip directly onto a limestone chippings soakaway? Though
thinking about it, if it were to be allowed to drip the wind could blow it onto brickwork or whatever, that would also cause problems.
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