Brexit Watered Down?

Yes, that's right.

Orban loyalist caught in Brussels lockdown-busting ‘sex party’
Fidesz MEP resigns from European parliament after attending the all-male gathering

Valerie Hopkins in Budapest and Michael Peel in Brussels YESTERDAY

"A close ally of Hungary’s conservative leader Viktor Orban was caught by Brussels police in a lockdown-busting gathering described by Belgian media as a sex party. Jozsef Szajer, a veteran Hungarian MEP, resigned from the European parliament at the weekend before apologising on Tuesday for breaching Covid-19 restrictions by attending the all-male party last week. The married politician, a pillar of Mr Orban’s nationalistic party Fidesz, helped draft a constitution widely seen as hostile to LGBT rights."
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You mean the Hungarian supporter of neofascist Orban.
Filly is desperately dredging the internet to keep his brexer-shambles dream alive. There is not much going for Brexit out there at the moment - as you can see by his recent posts - like Bozza hugging a fish.

Get Brexit Done, lol.
Why do you get so uptight about fish when all the U.K. wants to do is what your beloved Iceland has been doing for years? They don’t want to share their fish with their EU friends and partners do they, so why should we share ours when we will be nothing to do with them come January?
But Iceland (along with Norway and Lichtenstein) are in the EEA.
Thus whilst they 'keep their catch', they have to sell them somewhere...

They get the benefits of freedom of movement and free trade whilst having 'opt outs'...
(The UK has always had opt outs, but often chose not to use them)

And UK fishermen were quite happy to sell their quotas for a 'quick quid'.
But now they are moaning, and the brexit agitators found a 'cause' that for some reason they were able to fool a large part of the electorate with for their own gain!

Of course Iceland (along with Norway and Lichtenstein) have no input to some of the regulations that they will have to follow...

But on a 'no deal' the UK will have no 'free trade' and leaving the EU/EEA will of course mean no influence in future regulations that the UK will have to adhere to to continue trading whether it is deal or no deal...

I wonder when brexiteers will get this into their rather thick heads!
It isn't hard to see how Brexit was achieved but why some of the establishment want it is a lot more difficult. The fact that it is achieving it's main goals is the interesting factor in that respect alongside nothing is every perfect so there will always be some drawbacks. The main one for some is what could be called levelling up money but the UK has received that as well where it's needed. Then come people mobility, don't confuse that with refugees. Then regulations, a factor that applies in all areas of the developed world and also creeps in as countries develop.
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And UK fishermen were quite happy to sell their quotas for a 'quick quid'.

That is 100% fact as is other countries buying licenses where needed and having bigger more efficient ships. Seems the UK population isn't that keen on fish. It has been yonks ago but times change and the stocks of some are too low. It's also a fact that all fish stock is exceedingly low. It's interesting to compare fresh cod with the cotton wool state they are in by the time we get them now.

There are some rather strange comments about size limit from fishermen. Many do live otherwise they would be totally fished out. I know because I sea fish, rod and line from the shore. Not so much these days but it was a once a week affair or most nights when in suitable area. One year the pollack limits were reduced. That turned out to be more efficient than the earlier limit and net result was catching one over that size became rarer, much rarer. I have also eaten fresh undersized bass in some restaurants. One year they decided to allow many tonnes of sand eels to be caught and convert to fertiliser. They form a part of the diet of some fish and birds. No one has any idea what this will do and it's probably some foreign country that wants to do it. The UK is a bit of a sit on it's arse country. Import and sell is favourite. Good reason too, cheaper and if some one makes much impact on the world they will be gobbled up by some one larger as they can borrow more and offset interest against tax.
"When the UK was in the EU it was automatically part of EU trade deals with more than 70 countries.

Since leaving, it has made deals with 50 of those countries, in order to continue trading in the same way.

It is unlikely the UK will manage to do deals with all of the others before the end of the year."
It is unlikely the UK will manage to do deals with all of the others before the end of the year."
Corrected for you...

It is impossible that the UK will manage to do any better deals with all of them.


"Britain’s hopes of securing an early trade deal with the US have been dashed by a warning from Joe Biden, the president-elect,
that America will not sign a trade deal with anyone until the US has sorted out its competitiveness".
Funny old world. One minute remoaners are saying that no one knew what Brexit was then they're saying it's been watered down? How do they know? Maybe it's been "watered up"? If you don't know what it is how can you quantify that it's been changed?
Fact none of us know at the moment so forget it until we do.
There’s quite a few remoaners on here that THINK they know exactly how it’s going to turn out and they've been thinking that since 2016. I wonder what excuses they will give when all trade fails to cease on Jan 1st. :rolleyes:
Barniers run the clock down, Macrons run the clock down

EU provided their proposals back in January

UK refused to provide any proposals for fishing until July

And even later for dispute resolution, LPF, state aid.

So your claim Barnier, Macron has run the clock down is quite simply a lie.

But that's all you brexers have left
so why should we share ours when we will be nothing to do with them come January

Ha ha ha

Because the EU said they wanted to continue having access to UK fishing and Johnson signed the political agreement which stated EU to have same access as they have now.

You voted for Johnson and his deal, so you approve of EU having fishing access.
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