It could only happen in Ireland.

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"said the man looked unwell as his feet were dragging [along] the ground"

thats an understatement :ROFLMAO:
Only in Ireland?

Well maybe the corpse bit, but...

"According to one survey of private pension schemes, one in 100 spouses, partners, close relations or friends fail to inform pension schemes when members die. As a result, perhaps 110,000 people in the UK are claiming pensions for relatives who are deceased.

Consequently, the sum overpaid could exceed £200 million a year in false pension claims. In most cases, overpayments are made for only a few months, but some false claims last years.

On occasion, these frauds have come to light when Buckingham Palace staff attempt to contact 100-year-old pensioners to deliver the Queen's birthday messages, only to find that they died years before!"

Is Liz still claiming?
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The reverse is far worse, there have been people who have woken up in crematoriums or even on the organ donor operating table.
Could combine the Ministry of silly walks and the dead parrot sketch into one!

Declan, 40, told the Irish Mirror he’s now “the talk of the town” and has been branded a “murderer” in the local community ever since the sensational story emerged.

But he insisted he’s “not an eejit” – and believes he’s being accused of dragging his dead uncle into a post office to rob his pension – because he previously stole from his aunt.

He said: “Why would I want to rob my uncle? I’m 40 years of age yeah, I’m not a child, I’m not a young fella. I’m not an eejit to walk into Hoseys with a dead man and collect his money. Am I cuckoo? Am I cuckoo? I’m not.”
similar type of thing happened in the UK a while back

old boy came to the UK on holiday from the states , with his daughter and son in law (?) and snuffed it whilst here

he had life insurance , but it would only pay out if he snuffed it in the US

daughter and son in law put corpse in a wheel chair , wrapped up in a coat , hat and sun glasses and attempted to get him on a flight back to the USA. They got rumbled at the air port :)
Latest defence is the uncle was alive when he was on his way to the post office.

Regarding Monty python, many many years ago the local trading standards prosecuted a pet shop for selling a dead tortoise, the owner said it was hibernating when sold.

Made the front page of the sun.

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