'Burglar' stabbed to death in Manchester

Cantilever norcon. The gates have been put in. Finishing chasing the cable tomorrow then run the armour in and connect up. The chap who made the gates is fitting the motors.

This has just happened too http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-south-east-wales-13911553[/QUOTE]

I looked at the link...

Det Ch Insp Huw Lewis said: "The victims managed to give us an excellent description of the main suspect

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Micmoody u idiot. Yes it sounds fictional but it happened. I'm really not seeing the funny side as I've spent the last 3 days cutting a channel in a concrete drive to install 100m of armoured cable to power new security gates. We've also spent a lot of time looking for them as we know the area they are riding the quad in. They didn't get in the house they broke in the office attached to the garage and found the key safe and took the keys. We know there were 8 of them as we bought the cars back and have a name of a guy involved. He's started blabbing with a bit of pressure.
As for the shotgun, I actually have 3 and do sporting clays and skeet on the weekends.
Police arent really interested. officers attitude was what can they do, they work hard to lock them up and the courts let them off lightly!!

You BOUGHT the cars back, that belonged to you? You have a name of a guy after your initial post where you stated that there were 8 people involved, this hasn't been in the press? You 'do' clay and skeet, on the weekends, so you are your own Policeforce, but can ill afford a locksmith to change locks?

The police state, what can they do, as you seem to be doing their work for them? Is it legal to obtain information 'with a bit of pressure' ?

I see your career either as a Romany, or a Toff, either way why be a member here, and that is the first post?
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