Cheapest place to buy an ordinance survey map?

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He's all right is jerky. Asked a couple of simple questions, tries to save a bit of money, and get's a good slagging off. One wonders why you get people posting on here.

Even got the moral lecture when he wants to use some plans he's already paid for. Bleeding heck, bet none of you have given a mate a cd you've paid for so they can get a copy for nowt.

You lot don't deserve his money, and I bet you need it.

Anyway, so you stated £1800ish is a good/fair price for all plans for a two story attic job.

What's the minimum price we should pay for plans for a two story extension, and for a one story extension?
Where do you live jerksy ?

Cloud Cuckoo Land obviously! Maybe he's one of your neighbours? :mrgreen:

Well at least it's a better side of town than Wonderland.........
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Reading through this thread, i don't know why we bother employing architects, designers etc at all.

According to chapoo and jerk it is a piece of pi$$.

TOP TIP: Anyone planning on building an extension don't bother employing expensive pro's with their insurance and experience etc, just e-mail either chapoo or jerks as they have a great money saving plan.
Was expecting you earlier noseall.

Alas, I didn't say what you said I did, but that's not new either.

Jerksy, It's hard to say if £1500 is a reasonable fee or not without knowing more detail, so my advice can only be general.

First thing to do is understand the difference between aesthetic design and technical design. If the design is unusual or there is scope for a fair amount of aesthetic design then £1500 to an architect might be fair enough. In fact you might even pay more. To some extent the cost is offset against what value the design adds. A good design can add more than it costs. A poor one will reduce the value of your home.

If there is little or no aesthetic design element then there's no point going to an architect. You'd be better off with a surveyor or maybe a technician. In most cases the fee would be less than £1500 (from personal experience) and you will get a better job. But that doesn't mean you can pay bargain basement. You must get the details right and that is going to cost some money. This forum is littered with people complaining about crap jobs. Half of them came about because they used a builder down the pub that doesn't charge VAT and will do it for half what the other builder quoted. And the other half refused to pay for good professional advice and experience.

You pays your money and you takes your choice.
I would charge about £450/£500 for a two storey side extnesion. I pretty much always do planning and building regs together. I do use pre-typed specification notes (tweaked to suit obviously), and i draw a fairly simple section. Most of the work on a 'bog-standard' house extension is bread and butter for the builders i recommend and they like the level of detail i provide. My drawings get through planning and building regs and will usually take about 16 hours to complete. I think £20(ish) per hour is a fair and resaonable rate - don't you guys?

I am a university graduated Architectural Technologist and have been designing extensions for 10 years - (still learning mind!)
Polstar is that £450-£500 (for a fairly standard 2 storey side extension) for BOTH Planning and Building Regs? Or is it £900-£1000 for both?

Also, unless I've missed something isn't £450-£500 divided by 16 hours approx £30 per hour? ;)
That is for BOTH planning & Building regs - i sdon't see there being too much work in upgrading to building regs - most of the work is in survey & draw scheme - the section is put together as i go to make sure it works and then add (and tweak) the notes. Seems to work fine in my neck of the woods and i get referels from builders so they obviously like my drawings...

Maybe i rounded down a bit too far eh??
Seems a very fair price Polstar, you would get my business.

But you better take care saying that sort of thing on here, Tweedledee and Tweedledum will soon be along to give you a good kicking. Noseall will be late to the party but he is also a guaranteed show :)
To be fair Polstar that's very cheap in my opinion, but good luck to you......
All this 'cheap-as-chips' nonsense is fine so long as the builder is competent and experienced and nowt goes wrong.

As soon as summat hits the fan you won't see the 'techie' or any details for dust as his excuse will be "well i only charged blah blah blah...".

I recently demanded a site visit by an 'architect' who was reluctant to get his hair wet or boots dirty, to sort out some boundary issues. His excuse was he is only took the job on as a favour for a family friend.

Hmm, very professional pal "but you do have a duty of care", i said but hey ho "i will carry on and build it as per your drawings and encroach" eh?

You guys go ahead and side-step the design part as the builder will sort out any cock-ups that you are bound to make. Good luck.

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