Connecting remote to ceiling fan

11 Jun 2010
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United Kingdom

bought a ceiling fan (Napoli) with light, trying to connect remote control to it.

The remote instructions say connect as follows:
Blue - to neutral/fan/light
Brown - to fan/live
Red - to light/live
yellow/green - earth

But the fan only has 3 wires:
Brown - live
Blue - neutral
yellow/green - earth

How can this be connected?

Both items bought from Homebase, the fan box says this remote is compatible with fan.

Thank you for any help in advance.
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Is there a way to remove the light fitting from the fan and fish its live wire through? Any chance of a photo? There is normally two lives present at the ceiling.
A strange one. What do the fan instructions say? Anything about using the remote module?

I gather the fan comes as standard with a "socket" to wire to the mains, that plugs into the fan's connector?
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The fan instructions don't say anything about the remote, connecting to the mains is straight forward one-to-one.
The fan box says this remote is compatible.

have sent an email to Homebase, but could be weeks before anyone answers (if at all), you know what these big company's aftercare is like (non-existent).

The remote instructions assume there are two live wires (one for fan and one for light), but there's only one.

I've fitted a few of these.

they should just plug straight in.... from the looks of it your's are incompatable.

I'd say take them back and get one that is or just get a refund.
The remote instructions assume there are two live wires (one for fan and one for light)
That is how most decent fans are wired, however the fan you have is evidently poorly designed cheap junk.
Suggest you return both the fan and the remote, then purchase a decent fan and controller.
... cheap junk.

at £44.99, it's an expensive cheap junk, not to mention the £15.99 for the remote !!!!

If you don't believe me, you can check at the following links:>REMOTE+FAN[/QUOTE]

Sorry, but at £44.99 it's still just cheap junk..

did you read this????
Compatibility: Suitable for use with the Rimini Ceiling Fan (782945).

and that ones even cheaper junk!

EDIT.. just looked at te light info and it seems that the light says it's compatable with the remote, but the remote says compatable with a different light
Theres websites where ceiling fans start at the £100 mark.

The sheds (Homebase, B&Q etc) specialise in the cheap end of the market.
did you read this????
Compatibility: Suitable for use with the Rimini Ceiling Fan (782945).

The stylish Napoli 6-Blade Ceiling Fan includes forward and reverse blade actions for summer and winter use, with 3 speed settings.
Material: Metal.
Effects and finish: Satin nickel finish.
Compatibility: Can be operated with remote control (807870), sold separately.
Diameter: 81cm.
Length of drop: 41cm
Maximum bulb wattage: 40W.

807870 is the product no. of the Remote Control
It surely can't be beyond the wit of someone to adapt this fan/light (although it would quite probalby invalidate any guarantee) to make it work.

Presumably the switched live will be split via a connection block within the fan housing - one for the light and the other for the fan. So by leaving the light to be operated by the wall switch, and taking the feed wire into the remote and from there up to the permanent live, it would work.

And now I'm outta here before having the usual (predictable mandatory) strip torn off me :rolleyes:
Compatibility: Can be operated with remote control (807870), sold separately.
But this is clearly untrue, because the fan and light supply conductors are not presented separately.

You have 2 choices.

1) Hack the fan/light to get at the separate conductors.

2) Take it back.
Your description does not list enough wires - there should be a feed (3)in to the remote unit and a feed out from it (3-4), I think mine is similar and IIRC it has 6 or 7 connections.

Also no plugs on mine, just lots of choc blocs.

Mime came from B&Q and the remote came with the fan.

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