Creda Storage Heater Not Working

9 Nov 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone. My Creda TSR Newera 79341/TSR12A storage heater stopped working last winter. I managed last year without it, but I really need to get this fixed before it gets colder this winter. I've tried calling an electrician, but at the costs ive been quoted, it would be more cost effective to replace the unit.

My problem is as follows:

I switch the heater on, set the controls, and in the morning the heater is stone cold. Ive had the cover off, and the thermal fuse is intact. So at this point, im wondering if its a thermostat or element fault. However, if the thermostat was faulty, would the fuse not have blown? This leads me to think that it must be the element. I dont want to go through the trouble of replacing the element though if its not that.

Ive searched this forum for similar issues, but noone seems to have had a problem where the fuse wasn't blowing. I'd appreciate any help or advice.
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Thanks for your reply.

If by 'safely isolate' you mean switch it off at the main breaker box, then yes.

I am able to use a multimeter.
If you have safely isolated the heater then a simple continuity check can prove the thermostat along with it's 'click' sound.
Depending on the rating of the heater, there are various resistance readings you should expect from the elements themselves. For a 3kw heater the resistance of all elements in parallel should be around 19 ohms. 2kw = 26 ohms 4kw = 13 ohms
You may need to test each element individually by disconnecting them from the ceramic blocks. If they are 1kw each then should measure around 53 ohms.
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The input knob (which is physically the thermostat as I understand it) does indeed click when I turn it up.

I'll try and check tonight. It's only a small slimline heater, so I believe there is only one element. Is it obvious where I need to take the readings?
The element terminals in most storage heaters are located in a ceramic terminal block at the bottom.
Ok, ive attached a picture of the bottom of my heater. It seems it does have two elements. I used the multimeter in continuity testing mode across both elements terminals, but nothing changed on the multimeter for either.

Does this mean that both of the elements are shot, or that I'm doing something wrong?

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If the elements need replacing, how can I be sure this wont happen again? It seems a bit odd to me that they've both gone. Although, I suppose one might have failed a while ago and I just didnt know about it?
Did you test them in isolation? ie. disconnected from everything else?
Yes, I disconnected it at the mains box.

The meter was set to the symbol which looks like a diode. According to the instructions this is continuity testing mode. The display read 1, but changed to 000 when the probes were touched together. When I touched them to the terminals on the element blocks, the reading stayed on 1.
The display read 1, but changed to 000 when the probes were touched together. When I touched them to the terminals on the element blocks, the reading stayed on 1.
Were the elements disconnected from everthing else?

If so then it sounds like they may have an open circuit fault and will need replacing.
I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'disconnected from everything else'. I didnt remove them from the heater. I just touched the probes to the point at which they connect into the terminal block.

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