Dear Moderator!

26 Nov 2003
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United Kingdom
Well, having gone to all the trouble of moving the General DIY forum from the top section in order to stop people posting Plumbing and Electrical problems in there and then putting a sticky at the top of it saying "Not for Plumbing or Electrical etc" what do you get? Endless posts on plumbing and electrical problems.

It all seems pretty clear to me. Maybe new posters think that the "Moved to xxx Forum" messages are all part of the service!

Perhaps you should just delete it all together!
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Hmm getting worse :rolleyes:
Just a thought, maybe when they click on the
a pop up box warning message saying "have you check this is the right section for your question ?" with a drop down lists on the side to see a list such as plumbing, electric and so on then maybe click onto it.

Click "yes or no" if you click no then take you back to the forum homepage and if click yes then take you to the right section.
i agree, but i can only moderate :cry: (as do the other mods)
Ahh, so the moderator can't alter it around a bit ? :?:
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that is the case, but i can edit posts and move them ( i added :?: to yours) I am presently writing an email with all of your thoughts / suggestions (which are always appreciated)
It would probably be quite a bit of work to get a dialogue box popping up saying "YOU SURE THIS IS THE RIGHT SECTION FOR YOU?!". , after all this is running on some third party software. Also people are used to just clicking the "OK" button to satiate their computer.

Looking at the posts that have been moved today alone, they are all so bleeding obvious! How can a radiator not be plumbing? How can meter tails not be electrics? :LOL:

I would like to commend the moderator(s) on doing a great job (engage smarm factor 7 ;) ). I have had as many of my "racier" posts edited as the next man (if not more!), and with good reason. Whenever I look at other forums (including other big ones, e.g. Screwfix) I am shocked (seriously! :LOL: ) at the language people use, but more the way they use it. People here are on occasion offended, and they do get heated. Mainly in the "general chat" section. But the ever-watching moderator ( ;) ) means that people behave themselves and don't get silly. On other forums you occasionally see some moron saying "F off and die you dumb C!" to someone else, just for disagreeing.

On here I have had people saying "Stop spewing bo**ocks!" in one thread, but in another thread giving me all the help and information they can. Which I think is great. People aren't afraid to express their opinion, yet they will still help someone who is opposed to their point of view.
securespark said:
AdamW said:
to satiate their computer

:?: :?: :eek:

Well, I don't want my little CPUmpkin getting angry at me... just as a scorned woman will cut the crotches out of all your trousers a scorned computer will do the same with your files. ;)

So, I have to satiate it's desire to install software and have me double click it's mouse.
AdamW said:
............. How can meter tails not be electrics? :LOL:

:idea: When sported by beautiful blonde meter maid at the double yellows :?:

Perhaps there should be a part Q on Forum Postings ? .... umm not exactly life threatening is it ?

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