Does electrical work as part of extension require notification or is it covered by the a building notice?

7 Jul 2007
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United Kingdom
Hello again. I've just had a new extension built and the spark has brought my test certificate around today for the new circuits etc after a bit of badgering by me.

Will I need a separate building certificate regarding this electrical work (he is registered) organising by him or will the electrical work just get covered under the main certificate that the building authority are signing off?

I've got a bit behind how it works now so any pointers appreciated :)
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He needs to register it with whoever he is a member of (NAPIT etc) then they will automatically send to the LBC, at which point they should tie it in with the extension.

If they don’t receive it, your extension won’t get signed off
Either, it depends on what you asked for when you notified. There are four certificates.
Minor works
Installation certificate
Completion certificate (Issued by LABC)
Compliance certificate (Issued by the scheme)
If you have asked for electrics to be included then one of the first two needs to be given to the LABC or they will charge you to test it, what ever was agreed before the start.
If not asked for, then the LABC will want a compliance certificate before they will issue a completion certificate.

I had a firm run off in the middle of a job, and found they had not applied to the LABC, their inspector came to visit when we took over the job, to accept my installation certificate they had to be sure I had the skill, and also had sighting of the instruments used to test with, I was allowed to submit an installation certificate, but this was all agreed BEFORE I started on the work.
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Thanks all. The builder sorted the LABC side of things when the job started though I paid the charge obviously - can't remember what was specified regarding this though, I have to admit

I spoke to the LABC yesterday and they didn't ask for test results. The only thing they listed as outstanding before I get my building certificate was unrelated to electrics so my assumption was that it was all sorted. My spark says I may need to send them a copy of the certificate for sign off so it sounds like he's not notified it with his CPS but it's all just under building control & their cert.

I wasn't aware it could be done this way and just assumed i'd get the certificate associated with self the spark notifying with their scheme irrespective.
My mother was disabled, and as such work done because of the disability was VAT free and no charge from LABC so many sparks who specialised in disabled work did not bother becoming a member of a scheme. Also in England many jobs don't need notifying so some sparks just select jobs which don't require it or there is no LABC charge.

My son who at start of Part P was a sole trader, never bothered, most his work was commercial and for the odd job requiring notification it was not worth his while.

In theroy here in Wales, if I plug in an extension leads in the kitchen that's OK, but if I screw it to the wall and add some cable cleats then notifiable. I am sure no one ever notifies a job like that, but we also have the grey area, even in England, a circuit is "An assembly of electrical equipment supplied from the same origin and protected against over current by the same protective device(s)." so if you use a fused connection unit (FCU) to supply a number of sockets, that's a new circuit, however a ring final is as the name suggests the final circuit, so you can't have a new circuit from a final circuit, the English will not allow it, never mind the electrical bit.

So we have grey areas where it is up to the courts to decide, and since no one is pedantic enough to take it to court, that will never happen. And it is all down to the LABC inspector in your area.
One could assume, that notification to building control is in the building application and covers everything, it's not as if they're expecting no electrical installation at all....

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