Driveway - Dropping of the frontage/curb

can you not just go ahead with your intended work, i.e. put your driveway where YOU want it and then get the curb dropped. that way if he continues to park where does then he would be blocking your driveway and would have to park his recovery truck elsewhere so you could gain access. going to cause ill-feeling i suspect but so what!
if i were you my first step would be to go down to your local council offices and speak to someone from planning. i wouldn't mind betting they come down on your side.
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Firstly, if you want a dropped kerb, decide where exactly you want it and what size, and apply. Don't let an neighbour dictate what you should do. :)

Secondly, how much of your garden are you wanting to make into your drive? Half or all of it? Looking at your picture, I reckon you could get away without having to move the lamp post if you put a standard width dropped kerb to the right of it as you look at the picture (where the truck is). I know it might be a bit fiddly moving cars around, but you might get used to it. If it did turn out to be a problem for you, you could always get the lamp post removed later and have your dropped kerb extended.

Your neighbourooney can't complain about the planning app really, as your not affecting anything. I went through the same application as I'm on a main road, and I had to do a design and access statement and just went on about how it will be good for road safety etc blah blah :) You have every right to apply for and have a dropped kerb in front of your own house, it's the other guy's problem if he's got no where to park his truck.

As someone said before, you may not need planning permission if it's not a a, b, or c class road. You may need planning permission to construct a driveway however. Most local authoritys (particularly in high risk flood areas) are requiring planning consent as more and more people want to remove grass and gardens to construct hard standing driveways. You may need to check this, if you haven't already.

As for people saying you can't park trucks like that on residential roads, why not contact the council (anonymously if you want) and complain. Say it's not allowed and refer to whichever highways regulation it is. Say it's very dangerous for this size vehicle to be regularly parking there because of children playing etc. I'm sure they'd investigate it :)

Good luck!
Via Google:
Any vehicle with a 'Goods Vehicle Operator Licence' is classed as a large goods vehicle and as such must only be parked overnight at its designated operating centre. A large goods vehicle is classed as a commercial vehicle that weighs over 3.5 tonnes. These vehicles are not permitted to park on any street, off street car park or residential area. They may only park in an off street car park or driveway if these are the agreed operating centre for the vehicle. Operating centres are agreed with VOSA, these are generally not in residential areas, however any resident concerned about the parking of large goods vehicles should contact VOSA on 0870 6060 440 with the registration of the vehicle for further investigation.

If any vehicle is creating a road safety concern then this should be reported to the police.

If the concern over the parking of a vehicle is in connection with the possible operation of a business from a domestic premises, then this may be a planning matter.
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cheers mattlad and garrant.. hope i selt it right.
he is only a banger racer recovery truck.. its a private truck.. he uses once in a blue moon.
but i hope someone here can answer my question re the parking.. as i aint had much luck finding an answer elsewhere yet..
cheers all
With your neighbour check to see if all those cars on the road are taxed. If not report to the DVLA and get them crushed, which you can do anonymously:cool: Does he really have 6 vehicles taxed??

There was a change around September I think for driveways, and depending on what you want to do, it might mean you need planning permission. I think its to do with rainwater /drainage in the road.

With regard to the light post thing, well I must say the insurance thing sounds a little far fetched, but Its not been unknown for street lamps to have their light bulbs go out, if you know what i mean :)
I GUESS THIS IS MY QUESTION... OOPS CAps lock off now...
Can the neighbour from hell, stop me from doing this work planned and
has he any right to refuse or delay the planning? has he a say in what i would want.Also can he make me drop the kerb the other side of the street light which means I will have a very tight gap, between the boundry wall..and the lamp post that sits 40% to the right of the house.. i.e. making it a tighter cap to use for a car or 2.

Sorry to hijack a post,

I have a neighbour who persists in parking his massive mercedes transit van LWB outside my house, its a horrible blue and really gets on my nerves, I have told this characture in the past to park elsewhere if possible, he got shirty and said its a public highway.

Question is, would a large merc transit van be classed as a 3.5 tonne vehicle? and if so, should it be parked off road?

Worst of all, hes just got another blue merc van, same size and he still owns the old one, so its a parking lot of blue merc vans at the moment. He sometimes leaves a trailer on the road, should this be there on not?

Advice please
JayHS";p="1195550 said:
I GUESS THIS IS MY QUESTION... OOPS CAps lock off now...
Can the neighbour from hell, stop me from doing this work planned and
has he any right to refuse or delay the planning? has he a say in what i would want.Also can he make me drop the kerb the other side of the street light which means I will have a very tight gap, between the boundry wall..and the lamp post that sits 40% to the right of the house.. i.e. making it a tighter cap to use for a car or 2.

he can't MAKE you do anything. the only thing he CAN do is put in an objection to the council about your proposed driveway......and he hasn't got a leg to stand on! just put in your application.
Just a quick update

I have been given the OK for a double drop curb! and they have also just relocated the street light over to the boundary line, the work is booked in for this week for dropping the curb.

I went with a full drop as they said i had to relocate the street light before i could even have a single drop area, on either side of the street light so i went the whole hog and reqested a change in my layout and went with a double drop to which they have said ok. as i have been made to pay for the light, i may as well make it worth my while and drop the lot.

so a happy outcome i think as it has been planned and in the system for over 3 years now to get agreed and done lol

i might post a photo before and after lol once it is done :LOL:
Just a second update..

so 5 weeks went by or so, and nothing had been started on the dropping of the curb outside the house? how strange that the street light had been moved but nothing else had been started

so I called the planning works dept that was going to be doing the work and they explained that there is a boundary issue with the neighbour...? and we are sorry we had not got in touch with you yet? eh what is going on I asked, and they called me back with all the info saying my neighbour refused to move his truck? stating that the drop curb that I was to have encroaches upon his frontage of his house/boundary line? even though he has a 2.5 tall brick wall running along 70% of the pavement! away from my boundary fence line of where he is moaning about
he did ask the supervisor that "can I not have a drop curb at the same time then", but he got told he will need to seek and get planning permission and get the ok from the council!! for them or anyone to do the work which could take months to arrange for him.. what a shame.

But it is now all about the tapper curb that the council planning team have stated to use, as the issue is that the "tapper curb" will not be on my boundary line but onto and over next doors/his? this is how it is done everywhere i am told by the planning officer. so my frontage has a almost full width drop curb, and the tapper rises up from the lower curb up to the existing curb height ( wich is 600mm or so outside the front of my neighbours frontage?)

but my neighbour refused to move his truck and is now causing delay after delay as per usual and I am sick of it.

I, nor my family have done anything wrong nor have the planners nor the council officer who planned and stated where the drop was to go as in the start point and end point.
the neighbour refused to move his truck and the highways works supervisor failed to state that if you fail to move the truck it will get towed away!
so he now has to wait as do I, for his dept manager to get back from his honeymoon mid/end Aug to look into the matter.
so I wait,, tick tock tick tock like the guinness tv ad lol "time waits for no man", well I tell you! it is.

As this has given me the perfect time to put together all the problems with my next door neighbour, relating to the front of the house and the public road and walkway/pavement that he has continually damaged and ruined over the last number of years as well as a highway hazard in the way he parks at night, and the way he blocks the street from busses and trucks to go past and damage my wing mirrors, to creating severe blind spots for all traffic directions all because he likes it his way. And also the abuse, threats, attitude and "i want it my way" wahh wahh wahh!! all the time like a crying baby from him. bored bored bored of it, shame as i liked the guy and thought hey, what a nice neighbour he is.. lmao oh my dear lord, how wrong can one ever be on someone?

Well all this is going with photos and evidence and every little thing I can find out and all I have got re evidence like photos, videos and planning reg and disputes with fools on the issues all together in a parcel and I will pop it in the post to the planning manager mid week so it is on his desk ready to be looked at.

not to mention the damage to my cars the last number of times that one might question who was maybe responsible for the damage!!

All this is so that he can park his heap of poop of a truck outside my house as I guess he dose not want the recovery truck spoiling his view of the area outside his house lmao what an anal man he must be.. no pun intended ;o)

I tell you I hope he gets his daddy involved in this like every other time in the past, as they both are going to be seen and held responsible and questioned for so much, that they are going to wish they were never born

I will keep you posted guys n gals
So the latest is this lol

he has again refused to move his truck back onto or behind the boundry line, and words were said between the planning guy and him next door. He said he wont move it, but would now like to apply for PP to have the same done as mine??? so again more delay in something that should have simply been a 3 - 5 month tops.

so if my neighbour is reading this.. Hi mate!!!
you are a sad sad daddys boy, who simply wont let anyone have anything unless you can too... wahh wahh whaaa
and the way he blocks the street from busses and trucks to go past

Just a thought, can a Fire Engine get passed when his truck is outside?

If not then this might be another avenue to go down as a Health and safety issue.


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