Dry ridge system, help please

23 Mar 2021
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United Kingdom

I'm new to this forum and would massively appreciate any comments.

Recently I had a dry ridge system fitted to roof hips and ridges. As I look at it the ridge tiles now look wonky and out of line rather than a smooth continuous run (like when they were cemented down)

It's late so I'm sure night pictures are useless, but if I post pictures here tommorow, would any roofers on here comment on if this looks like a botch job?

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Post pics tomorrow and you will get impartial advice from the roofing bods.(y)
Pictures attached, apologies it's hard to get a good pics from the ground. I expected the ridges and hips to be in a nice straight line along a beam that was installed underneath. As I hope you can see in the pics, the some are kind of jutting up in places. Also, in the picture that is from above the small roof, you can see where the original tiles were fixed, now they are completely over about 2 inches or so.

Where the ridge meets the hip, it looks like it's just been packed with mortar, is this normal? I think it looks very untidy, it there a better way to connect these joints up?

Thanks, if the pics are to bad I'll ask if the roofer can take me some from the roof


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I'm not a roofer, what tiles are those, are your tiles suitable for a dry ridge hip system? Was it a proper roofer that did the job? Looks untidy, cement stains on the tile and wall for a start.
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Thanks for your reply. I'm also not a roofer so I couldn't tell you what kind of tile sorry. Yes, it was a roofing company with lots of good reviews on checkatrade.

To me it looks very wonky, ugly and the job is messy. I've not paid just yet. Also, they where chucking stuff down from the roof which cracked a few paving slabs on the ground. Now they have replaced the broken slabs but is it even legal to chuck tiles, mortar etc from a roof?

I wouldn't be happy with that finish. I think a good job normally looks neat and tidy, also they would clean up after themselves. I wonder how watertight that job is.
Datarebal isn't there also meant to be a screw directly through the tile as well? And there isn't any mortar between hip iron and hip tile in first pic.
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The problem with dry hips and ridges is that they rely on the existing roof tiles to get the line, so if the existing tiles (or roof) is slightly out, the ridge or hip will follow this. There is only a little bit of tolerance to align the tiles vertically, otherwise its a load of random packing and hoping for the best.
The problem with dry hips and ridges is that they rely on the existing roof tiles to get the line, so if the existing tiles (or roof) is slightly out, the ridge or hip will follow this.
Plus the distance from peak to trough is increased on a hip meaning that shorter bits of tile can sit artificially lower then their immediate neighbour. It is a faff...

with interlocking tiles such as Moderns you would use a hip tray over the roll. there is no need for packing.
bed the bottom hip at the hip iron.. easy but cr a p
Thanks everyone for your input. I'm gonna go back to the roofer and ask for hip trays to be put in and all the end tiles to be bedded with mortar. I'm really surprised hes left out putting in hip trays as they are really cheap (thanks for the link).

Much appreciated

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