Dubbing out with tile cement

13 Sep 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I've got a wall to tile that dips away in one corner. It's brick with a scratch coat of sand and cement render on.

Now, I could go to get some sand and cement to dub it out prior to tiling, or I could just use the Mapei adhesive (powder, not premix) I am about to buy from Screwfix.

Maximum dubbing out is about 1.5cm deep, and I am using 300x75 ceramic wall tiles (nothing fancy).

Area is relatively small (alcove in kitchen chimney around induction hob) and I am confident that I can get the tiles flat.

So, any reason why I couldn't just dub out using my tile cement - either in advance or a bit of heavy buttering on the tiles when I put them on? Adhesive is basically cement, fine sand and some additives?

Yes, I know it'll be an expensive way of doing it - in the grand scheme, though, easier.


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