Echo Dot 3rd Generation

11 Jan 2004
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United Kingdom
If I connect a 3.5mm aux lead to Echo Dot 3rd Gen., will it play music through the connected system's speakers?

Will the Echo respond to voice commands while the aux lead is connected?
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Thanks, IT. That's brilliant!

I want to buy a replacement "stereo". We already have an Echo Dot Gen 3 and an Amazon Music subscription and the easiest (and cheapest) way I can think of to listen to digital music is to link up the Echo to a system with an AUX input.

Mrs Secure wants something with remote, DAB, CD, the ability to play Amazon Music and some more up to date connectivity that my 1985 Sanyo Tower can, like NFC, USB and Bluetooth.

This has AUX in via RCA, that'll work, won't it?

The other thing is, I have a di-pole twig on the roof. That won't work with DAB, will it?

EDIT: It's just gone out of stock at Currys while I've been browsing!

For those systems without a 3.5mm AUX in jack, could you use a 3.5mm to USB adapter?
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It should work, although most of the USB to 3.5 adaptors seem to be meant to go the other way, I'm not sure they'd work here.

Also, don't forget that most sound systems with DAB also have Bluetooth receivers, you could connect the Alexa to the stereo that way. I've done both the 3.5 and Bluetooth approach before.

Simplest? Depends if people remember to switch the input on the stereo after they use anything other than the Alexa. And it also means that the Alexa won't be usable whenever any other source has been selected. Because Alexa will continue to send all your audio out down the 3.5 even if the receiver isn't listening.

You can get past that with something like a Logitech harmony remote, but even that's a bit naff.

The simplest is to abandon hope of using CDs and go full streaming. Some services used to let you upload your own CDs as well as anything you've paid for (Google Music, now replaced by YouTube music). Internet radio completely replaces DAB, streaming can cover CDs, everyone is happy (but might be paying more for the subscription to a streaming service).
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If your hifi doesn’t have Bluetooth then you can buy an adapter for <£30. But you might actually get better sound with a pair of powered speakers like the pure jongo range which you can get used on eBay. Effectively turning your echo / mobile in to a hifi
Most DAB stations are on Tune-in radio.

I use Sonos, a Sonos One would do Alexa, Amazon music. All our CD's are on NAS (WD My Cloud).

Saying all that Sonos are a pain in the arse with software updates (too many).