Eclique dimmer switch help !!

24 Jun 2015
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United Kingdom

Purchased an Eclique 2 gang master and a 2 gang slave (2way) one of the gangs I need to operate the 2way landing light and the other gang on master to operate the downstairs hall light (1way) then the other slave gang to operate the bathroom light the question is will the slave work on the bathroom light ? Would appreciate any help thank you :)


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Hi,the most important thing is not to apply mains voltage to the 's link' terminal - if you do that you will knacker the dimmer, the two way strapper wire should be used to link between the M and S s link terminals You really need a multi meter to bell out the cables or a pic of the original wiring of the switch.


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Thanks for your response electrician was here 3 days trying to get it to work put 2 cables in the load side of the master not sure what they were but when the power was put on there was a tiny bit of smoke coming from the two cables not sure if it's possible to fry the switch through the load side though isn't it protected ? The main question is if the bathroom light will work off the slave am sure the electrician said something about running some cables to it from the master something about a neutral and 3 switch wires are needed ? But won't that turn the bathroom light into a 2way with the master downstairs ? Thanks
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Yes In a 2 gang switch (slave) one switch is for bathroom and other for 2way landing light both slaves
Hi, that does not sound good, if you are trying to operate 3 lights you will require 3 dimmer switches. The slave is just a reactive switch which controls the master.


No upstairs there is a 2 gang one for bathroom one for landing then downstairs one for hall and one for landing therefor 2 switches for the 2way and a switch for bathroom then one for hall ?
The 2 gang slave would operate 2 lights and the 2 gang master would operate 2 lights ?
I understand it as

2 gang master hall - hall/landing lights
2 gang slave landing - landing/bathroom lights

The smoking however sounds like at least one of your dimmers is done for
The master could be fitted down stairs, but you need a 2 gang grid type upstairs with 1g switch bathroom and 1g slave to operate the landing light dimmer which is down stairs.


As already said. The slave cannot operate a lamp. All the slave can do is to send a control signal to the master which has the power control that supplies the lamp.

If there are three lamps then you need three masters.
Thanks dead short Yep you got it right so there is no way round it as the electrician seems to think he can get it to work with a 2 gang slave upstairs :/ he said something about running some extra cables down to the master a neutral or something he said he will need a total of 4 cables to link them together 3 link wires and one for the neutral to allow the bathroom to operate from the slave ? Can you see any Sense in this ? (Personally I think I should split the 2 gang into 1 gang slave and 1 gang master for bathroom like you say but will cost a lot more)
It won't be the cheapest. Do you have a fan in your bathroom? The dimmer will also look different to the one downstairs, if that's important to you?
The fan has an isolator on it which I operate it from but takes a live from the switch and am sure you can get single gang masters in the same switch :/

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