Eclique dimmer switch help !!

Your electrician is a worry,the dimmer comes with sticker over the slave terminal warning not to connect to mains ! You do not require any additional wiring. Neutral connections are not required at the dimmer. You better check the dimmers are working before you pay the 'electrician'
Remember, if you have a bathroom fan you can't use a that dimmer.


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If the dimmer is Varilight they will make a matching grid system which is fairly extensive.


Do you mind if I add you on facbook DS Incase I need your help ? And the fan is on a ISO only takes a live from the switch the neural and switch are looped for the timer
Wot 'e said. I'd stick with a normal switch for the bathroom at least, if not upstairs too.

A 'grid switch' isn't just a one gang dimmer click here, these clip into a frame, that then have a cover plate over them.

Is it a 12V fan then? As in there's a power pack on the wall? Regardless, you cannot use a standard dimmer when there is a fan controlled by the switch
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Hi, sorry don't do facbook sorry. The fan will requires a switch live from the switch to trigger the timer, it can't be from the dimmer OP.
Your best option is a second 3gang grid 1= fan 2= master dimmer mod bathroom light 3 = slave landing light.


Just purchased a cheome ISO For fan and a chrome shower switch I'll put a picture of what I want it to look like obviously might have to swap the 2 gang for a single dimmer for bathroom and get a single slave for stair and put it on a diffrent wall :( it cost about £100 just for the 2 gang slave/master :(
Hi, yes that's been on the website for months, you can order matching grid dimmers.

Probably won't use the dimming feature or the remote but like the look of the switch and the blue glow is good for the kids at night mate
I'll stick with the same switches but there is defo no way of doing what I want them to do because I don't want to sound stupid when I tell the electrician it can't be done he told me to get an extra twin cable from master to slave and he can get them working from there ?
have a look at the wiring diagrams in the manual, the lamp is always connected to a master, never a slave

if the switch in the hall has another switch by the front door, you could put the slave downstairs, the master upstairs, and another one way master by the front door - this does not get around the issue of the fan in the bathroom though
Thanks for your response electrician was here 3 days trying to get it to work ... when the power was put on there was a tiny bit of smoke coming from the two cables
Don't know what he was, but one thing I can absolutely guarantee he was not was an electrician.

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