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23 May 2004
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United Kingdom
No Brexit trade deal unless UK keeps promises

"The UK faces a no-deal Brexit unless Boris Johnson keeps the promises he made when securing the withdrawal agreement, the EU’s chief negotiator has warned."

I'm sure that certain quitters will welcome that cliff edge...

But the EU are of course not wavering.

“We remember very clearly the text which we negotiated with Boris Johnson. And we just want to see that complied with. To the letter. And if that doesn’t happen there will be no agreement.”

And they are also being pragmatic and are able to point out the bleeding obvious.

"Mr Barnier said the negotiations were about “damage limitation”.
“Brexit is lose-lose. Nobody has been able to show there’s any added value to Brexit — not so far. Not even [Nigel] Farage."
"He added: “We are less exposed because 7 per cent of our exports go to the UK, whereas for the UK it’s 47 per cent of their exports which come to the EU."

Them's the facts, and the conclusion about 'any added value' is spot on.

The EU doesn't want to take a hit, but will do so to protect it's basic principles.

The UK will take a far bigger hit in order to further enrich just the few!
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He's got a week or two before the crunch talks.

Let me tell you something about Barnier, for all his bluster and bull***t, he's French, and he's got a little white flag behind his back ready to deploy.
And he doesn't have numerous illegitimate children.
He doesn't break promises, he doesn't tell lies, he doesn't have aspirations of grandeur. He hasn't been sacked for telling lies.
Also he holds French, German and Portuguese honours.

Between him and Boris, who would you trust?
The beeb as been keeping a page on trade and deals for some time. ;) It's changed a bit though. It did list deals that had been made - wording has changed.

The EU runs with a trade surplus

It's trade world wide looks like this - :) need to subtract ours to the USA

The USA's trade deficit runs at $600 billion plus as all want to sell there. Rather large population with a decreasing number of people with spare money.

The EU market is larger. Say it was run by a senate, same tax, currency etc everywhere. It would be more powerful than the USA. Instead countries contribute and that is used to level member states up over time. Biggest problem with it really is domestic politics and the chances of those allowing this to happen.

Trade with China and some of the Asian countries is a bit tricky as anything bought might contain items from them. If Rolls Royce had it's way that would even include jet engines - some aircraft bits probably do arrive from there thanks to that.
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Let me tell you something about Barnier, for all his bluster and bull***t, he's French, and he's got a little white flag behind his back ready to deploy.
Have you forgotten about the wally leading us?


Oh of course not, since you're a disciple of his!
Ifs buts maybes....Lol .Same currency? Like the Euro you mean. Which has been a disaster.
It works fine for me. Although I must admit to being dismayed that the €500 note has now been discontinued. :whistle:
I do understand the reasons for it.
And he doesn't have numerous illegitimate children.
Between him and Boris, who would you trust?

WTF has that to do with it
Nothing, if you're responsible enough to admit how many illegitimate children you've fathered, and how many you financially support.
(It is not a private matter when we are discussing the PM, it is an indication of his integrity).

In the absence of disclosing such information, it shows that he is unreliable, irresponsible and dishonest.

But he has been sacked twice for telling lies. He has broken his promises to the nation (200,000 tests by tomorrow, for starters).
There is the possibility that there could be a generation of little Boris's growing up in the UK.:mrgreen:
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