extending a tv power cord

8 Mar 2014
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United Kingdom
This may sound a stupid question but .......I have wall mounted my tv but the power cable is too short to reach the socket. the cable is wired into the tv (as opposed to plug in). how can i extend the cable -ie what cable do i need to buy and where would i get this.
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thank you but life aint that simple (or at least mine aint lol). cant use extension lead as tv is mounted on chimney breast wall and i need to conceal the cable with trunking so simply plugging tv into extension lead isnt practical. my intention was to cut off plug on tv and connect to new length of cable. jst not sure of cable i should buy or where to get this
Wouldn't that result in the same problem?
Cable connectors are quite bulky and would not go in the trunking.

You can get single socket extension leads.
Screw the socket to the wall and have the cable in conduit.
Is there room to 'roll up' the television cable? You could shorten it.

Fit a proper surface mount socket on the wall with flex through trunking to a plug.

I just don't think it worth lengthening the cable as you are going to have a plug on the end of 'whichever'.
Perhaps it's farther than I'm thinking.

I suppose you could join the flex with 5A connector blocks
Staggered the joints so they fit in the trunking.
Some sort of support would be good so that no strain is taken by the blocks.

1mm² or 0.75mm² flex would suffice. Put 3A fuse in the plug.
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Fit a connector to the end of the TV cord along with a length of flex long enough to run from the TV to the power source.

Wrap up the existing TV flex and the new connector behind the TV and tie it up with a nylon tie.

This ensures the connector is accessible if you need it and you don't have to fiddle trying to join the flex inside the trunking.

Buy cable the same cross sectional area and type as the existing.

Some leads have the csa printed on the cord sheath. It is often 0.75mm².

Don't forget that mains supply cables should not share trunking with other cables, unless their insulation is rated to the same voltage. If in doubt you could run two smaller trunkings instead of one bigger one or some places sell trunking with a divider inside.
I suppose it's not unacceptable to open up the TV (assuming it's out of warranty) and replace the existing cable with new, of whatever length you need. I assume the internal contacts might be soldered, but if you're happy with some basic soldering that could be an option.

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