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6 Jul 2005
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United Kingdom
I would like to start a theme on the light hearted subject of 'My
Favorite Movie'.

My favorite movie is

Singin' in the Rain

made in 1952 with Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds.

I saw it first when I was a child when my father took me to the cinema.
In those days it was 7 p in old money to get in and there was always long
queues to see good movies like this. I remember we stood for about 2 hours before we got into the cinema.

I like Singin in the Rain due its great songs like , 'Make them laugh' and
of course the umbrella scene when Gene Kelly sings 'Singin in the Rain'
Great humour, acting, music score and story line.

I have seen it I would say about 12 times and each time I get that
'Feel Good' factor.

In relation to the movie I always remember, Morecambe and Wise when
they made a skit of the umberalla scene. Classic comedy.

What is your favorite movie and why.
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I like sci fi and can't think of my favorite but for the feel good factor the film that reminds me of childhood and niceness is "its a wonderful life" with James Stewart, christmas day viewing.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off for me - I see a new gag every time I watch it !!
I have a variety of favourites.

But if forced to choose I would say the some of the Hollywood epics...........Spartacus, Ben Hur, Cleopatra etc are near the top of my list

I also like some of the 'old' black and white short film comedies such as Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chaplin, Keystone Cops etc - guaranteed to produce loads of laughs every time!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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My 3 favourite films are stereotypically what you'd expect (although I have lots of straight friends who also love all three):

1. Beautiful Thing
2. Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
3. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

However, I also like a whole range of other, diverse films, including Human Traffic, Saw, Kill Bill, Boogie Nights, etc etc.

And from the "olden days" (I'm only 25, remember), E.T. and all of the Back to the Future trilogy spring to mind.

To be honest though, these days I find I don't have the attention span for any films. If it doesn't grab me in the first 10 minutes I tend to wander off and do something else! A case in point was "Saw" as above - I'd been given the DVD and the only reason I watched it was because it was the day after my birthday, the friends I had staying with me wanted to see it, and I was too hung over to move off the sofa! To be fair, it was a good film - I didn't see the end twist coming!
Anything with George Formby in it... seriously! I reckon there's a good chance I have the world's only Sony Vaio Portable with 5 cd's of George Formby's music on it... :LOL: I first discovered his films aged 12. I had a nasty operation, was forced to take a month off school (figure of speech... does one really need to FORCE a 12-year old to have time off school? :LOL: ). Channel 4 were showing his films at 2pm on weekdays. First one I saw was where he entered the Isle of Man TT races on a homebuilt bike. Class. :D

I love Bond films, I own all of them on DVD, but whilst all of them are good, none are my favourite film. And whilst I have watched every single episode of ST:TNG, ST:DS9 and Enterprise, in order :eek: Star Trek movies bore me to death! :LOL:

My favourite film... As someone who buys a LOT of DVDs, occasionally appreciates classic French cinema and goes to the cinema a couple of times a week I would hope to say it was something really high-brow and obscure... but I'm afraid I would choose the Austin Powers trilogy. Yeh baby, yeh! :eek:

"Love Story" always makes me bawl my eyes out like a big hairy poof. :LOL: For that ability I love the film, but it introduces a dilemna: you don't want to watch it on your own, but if watching it with others you have the choice of either finding yourself in an uncomfortable situation with friends (who, if they have managed to sit that far without demanding someone kills someone else, will have started sniffling too). It's not my favourite film, but it is the film most likely to affect me emotionally.

Worst film? "Reservoir Dogs". Don't hate me, fans of the film don't understand it, but I was SO BORED halfway through I gave up on it. I love many of Tarantino's other works, but Reservoir Dogs is just pants.
Worst film for me has to be Bridget Jones Diary (the first one - I haven't bothered to watch the 2nd given what i'm about to say)...

Being, to use Adam's delightful phrase, a "big hairy poof" (although neither of the first two adjectives apply!), I thought I'd enjoy a nice "chick flick". However, I fail to see how you can spin out a two hour film from the following:

1. There's this woman, and she fancies this bloke.
2. Ah, she's changed her mind, she prefers the other bloke.
3. Oops! She preferred the first guy after all! The End.

I sat there when the credits rolled and said "Is that it?" :eek:

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home; The African Queen and Steel Magnolia.
all different genres, but great!
Wickerman--------the full version found recently

Highlander------only the first one


Carry on films

Cor Bimey

Hell Drivers

The Vikings

Private Ryan

Italian Job----original

Rita, Bob and Sue-------We're having a gangbang, we're having a ball !
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