Fixing dent in kitchen worktop

4 Jun 2004
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United Kingdom
Is it difficult to fix a dent in a kitchen worktop?

We've just had a new kitchen installed and the fitters left with a big (4mm) circle in the middle of one of the worktops. It looks like it's been drilled into, but anyway it's not clear how it happened.

The fitters say that to replace that section of the worktop they'd have to replace ALL the worktops. The layout is like a broken square, so they reckon they'd have to replace all FOUR worktops as well as redoing the gas and plumbing connections.

Does a small hole in one worktop really require the whole lot replacing?!?

What he's said is that he'll get a "magic man" in to repair the hole and that'll have to do. Apparently he'll match up the repair with the colour of the worktop (which is grey with lots of black dots!!).

I'm wondering if I should let him repair it or kick up a big fuss?

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kick up a big fuss.

Multiplex said:
Does a small hole in one worktop really require the whole lot replacing?!?
Not normally or they're trying to put you off ????
It's difficult for me to know if he's trying to put me off or not.

He told me that because the joins in the worktops are glued taking one worktop out would mean lifting and breaking the other worktops.

Does that sound right?

as your man has said the joints are probably glued and biscuited so the joints will probably not come apart cleanly if its new and just been fitted and its clearly their fault then I wouldn't settle for a repair, kick up a fuss.
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your paying for a finished perfect kitchen, not one with a bodged repaired hole in it. If its too much work that says a lot about them! They have a responsibilty to put it right regardless of how much it costs. With hold some money until its sorted to your satisfaction not theirs!

I agree, kick up a big fuss, then throw into the equation that you will accept a satisfactory repair AND compensation.

At the end of the day It's gonna cost him lots of work top and time, he'd be better off coming to some ammicable agreement than having to replace the lot at his own expense.

Well, that's one option I'd consider, but depends on whether or not you'd be happy knowing that there is a repair there! But I believe these repair people can do a fantastic job. It's just whether the repair will be as durable as the rest of the worktop and how fussy you are.

Have you paid in full?
Multiplex said:
I'm wondering if I should let him repair it or kick up a big fuss?

Let him repair it but reserve the right to change the whole lot after seeing the result. Also, if it looks OK insist on an extended guarantee on the repair unless it breaks down in use.

If you have a new kitchen you have a right for it to be perfect! I wouldn't accept an imperfection like that.

It'll be easier to get them to change it if you're kitchen is from a big company and the installer is working on their behalf as you can add more pressure than if it's an independent fitter fitting a kitchen you purchased.



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