Gas fire -jetmaster manuals

5 Dec 2020
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United Kingdom
We have moved into a new home and have a jetmaster gas fire. Does anyone here know a link where i may get the manual for it?

I had a qualified gas safe engineer to come service it but he cannot replace the coals correctly as i cleaned the inset fire area, without knowing removing the coals without noting their locations would be a problem (silly me). Previous house owners do not have the manual
The current jetmaster company makes only real fuel stoves and don’t have info on previous gas models made by another company that they acquired.
TIA for any tips/links to try
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I think its blenheim, i tried to attach pic of badge but not sure if i did it right
I think Blenheim are focal point fires.
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Many thanks for all the replies, its much appreciated. I have attached a few photos of various details of the fire to hopefully aid its identification.

The fire bed appears to have some vermiculite which i presume will need to be swept off before the coals can be replaced?

The tag states Blenheim 18NX for model. Are Focus a brand of Jetmaster, or the other way around, perhaps?

JimCrow: thank you for the manuals you posted. I am not sure if it matches as the coals and bed described appear somewhat different to what we have on our fire. We have an angled piece from the back, some other removeable structural pieces, and a load of individual coals (see pic)

I fully understand the rules and regulation and not trying to sidestep that, but it does seem a shame we are faced with having to replace the entire fire just because we can't work out how to put the coal back properly!

Any pointers towards model and/or manual are gratefully received.


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If no one else can provide the instructions, maybe contact Focalpoint - they may have taken over the Blenheim’s from Jetmaster Fires? - a lot of their range is called Blenheim

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