Good Landlord Boiler?

9 Jun 2010
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United Kingdom
I have a small 3 bed house, 8 rads 1 bathroom.

I want to have the 15 year potterton combi replaced and have read Viessmann are very reliable as they have steel heat exchanges. I've found a couple of gas installers who locally who install all the known brands (but don't list viessmann)

Which boiler brand / model might anyone here recommend for simplicity and reliability? Thanks
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Baci 600 would be bested suited in a rental, relatively cheap, parts are cheap and easy to get hold of (though I think the heat exchanger and burner needs to be swapped out as an assembly) and virtually every gas fitter knows them, they ha e a very large team of engineers who can rectify issues at the drop of. Hat while under warranty, and they offer fixed price repair which is reasonable value should it be out of warranty.

Veissman are good but expensive , parts are expensive, and not as many people work on them as baxis. The warranty is no better with the veissman so why pay the extra money? They don't have a service team as big as baxi.

There is Bosch, basically have all the same plus points as baxi, but the boilers aren't worth the extra money over the baxi
you would be well advised to steer clear of viessmann


From the preceding post, Baxis break down a lot, so the country is knee-deep in Baxi menders and spares

And Viessmann, not.
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What I was saying was should anything go wrong then they are well placed to rectify it quickly, which is something you want when renting, unlike veissman.

Baxi have a large network of vans as does Bosch because they carry out lots of servicing. Along with baxi they have potterton which are now sold to developer only, and also main and let's not forget there is still a large network of old legacy boilers to maintain. They don't have large fleets just to fix warranty repairs, they wouldn't be in business.

I'm not saying baxi is the best, but as an all round option they should be seriously considered.
What you need to consider is the size of the gas pipe (more modern one’s might not be suitable for existing) and the cleanliness of the system. If those are good then there’s lots of good boilers to choose from. You can get good and bad in everything - who I work for fitted the Vaillant Ecotec pro range for many years, the original 1st ones were good, then they revised the model and issues started, they were also fitted to dirty systems, which led to a very infamous fault code.
Stick with Baxi group boiler the Baxi 630 is one of the most reliable combis out there at present 7 year warranty and all brass components inside as well as stainless steel heat exchangers. Never had to call Baxi out to a fault yet on one in the 4.5 years they have been out. And if anyone does have to work on one after warranty parts are available off the shelf. I have them fitted in 2 rentals and one will go in my own house when my currentl 21 year old Baxi gives up the ghost
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