Grey Area Regarding Garden Structure Regulations

5 Feb 2018
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Good Afternoon All,

I’m looking for a little advice regarding something which is potentially a bit of a grey area within planning.

I currently have a lean-to style shed (3 timber sides) the back of which is the side wall of my house. The back of the shed where it meets the house is about 8ft tall.

I am extending my house this year and need to move the shed to the back of the garden. The end of my garden consists of the side of my garage and a fence which runs from the corner of the garage to the corner of the garden. Beyond the end of my garden is my garage and driveway, so although my fence line is there, it is not my property boundary.

I want to remove the fence that runs from the garage to the corner and build a brick wall to use as the back of the shed, but this requires 8ft in height.

The rules I’m aware of that potentially conflict: Boundary fences/walls may not exceed 6ft without planning. A garden building structure may be as tall at 2.5m at the boundary of your property without requiring planning.

If I were not putting a shed against it, I’d be happy with a 6ft wall (like the rest of my garden), the only reason it would be taller is because the structure requires it to be so.

If this wall is being used as one wall of my shed, does that mean it adheres to the regulation regarding fence or garden structure?

I know this is hard to vision, so have included a basic sketch to help with the layout. Any advise would be very much appreciated! for image

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The section of wall will be part of the shed not part of any fence so the criteria to follow is that for structures not fences.
Thanks Woody, that was my assumption as well, but can’t find anywhere in any regulations that gives some kind of clarity.

I’m in commercial construction and understand how complicated things can get if you can’t point to a regulation that backs you up.

At least give got someone else thinking my way! :)
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Basically it's not a fence, so the rules for fences don't apply. You won't find any more clarity because it doesn't need any. Just because something is on the boundary does not mean it becomes a fence, so no explanation or regulation is necessary.

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