Hello there ....Ive some awful news ...

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I echo everything just said. Glad to hear from you Moz. Enjoy every moment you have together.
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moz mate just one question have you talked about what you intend to do, with Maria ? I guessing ( only guessing ) she will/would be saying don't be stupid live your life to the full, live for your family and friends, there's people who love you, who need you. And there will be people who will be grieving the same as you who will need YOUR support as well as you need their's.

moz take care, be strong and I'll be thinking of you, as well as all the DIY members.
Moz, I’m thinking of you and been watching this post daily waiting to hear from you, I’m really am sorry for the sad news, just take one step at a time and don’t do too much all at once, just one step at a time. Please don’t do anything silly, I’ve been there, whenever you feel bad ring the Samaritans, it's open for 24hrs.

Moz, please take care of yourself.

And Moz...

How about a quick 'hello' to let us know your ok?..

Theres a lot of people here pulling for you mate..
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We're all here Moz, and not giving up on you, so please don't give up on yourself.
Wendy is here ....!

markie an others here .....

I need say night -night........to family

dived down be for ......

Mother 69yo=sl*t .... yeah ok

dad 70yo= superster .. has g/fs
still ...well done
Hi Moz
Hope the drip is keeping Maria's pain well controlled and she is able to enjoy her time with you and her friend Wendy, who hopefully arrived safely, and other family members and friends.

Moz, Markie asked you if you have discussed your intentions with Maria - I very much suspect that you have not: she loves you - how could she possibly want such a thing ?

You say you must be SO strong, and you MUST. What about your sister Chris ?? What would it do to her ? And will it help Tracey to get over the loss of her sister, knowing what you have done ?

What about little Katie - what is her father going to say when she says 'Where is Uncle Moz, Daddy ?' So think hard, Moz. It will be terrible, awful, for you when your beloved Maria has to leave you but believe it or not, the pain will ease with time and the support of those who love you. If it didn't the population of the world would be decimated every week because bereaved people would not cope.

From what I can glean, you have weathered some terrible tragedies, don't let this one beat you. Think, you might not have had the great years you had with your beloved Maria - stay alive and look back on them with pride and joy.

As the others said, we are all watching the forum anxiously for news and you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.

I was here with back stories to the posts ...saw some things an support them....

I tried to edit ..........., a 3000 word post ....lol ..got NO.....lol...lol... but past ......there

sober now ....

^ tried to post last night an the board was having none of it , lol
My wifes coming home today , Hurrah !!!
Wendy is here an shes Gorgeous as usual ;) , I have took on board what you guys have posted ....
look after yourselves :)
Moz Keep in contact with us. But we take second place over Maria. Don't spend time on the computer when she needs you. Love Haryjon
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