Hello there ....Ive some awful news ...

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Moz Moz Moz, I can't think of anything to say that hasn't already been said. That is truly awful, I know that Maria was your rock, I seriously think you will need to see someone, as I fear for you knowing your propensity to the bottle.

My thoughts and prayers go out to you both. I am truly sorry. (wish I could think of something useful to write, but no words are even closely adequate.)
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Moz..im no wordsmith, so ditto all above.

Terrible news...but please consider your thoughts again once the initial stages of the shock have died down..

Imagine if others felt the same as you and follwe your lead...you probably wouldnt want that would you..bet your good lady feels the same too eh...

Dont give up hoping...

God bless......

I don't know you - you don't know me..

That doesn't mean we havn't shared the same pain!

Hang in there!

I've been away for a day or two and only just seen this topic. I think everyone else has said everything there is to say, and I can't think of anything further that would be of any use.

All I can do is join securespark in saying if you need someone to talk to, call me. Like him, I wouldn't normally dream of giving my number out on a forum, but you're such a character on here you deserve some support. I'm on 07930 377607.

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Reading your past posts you come across as loving family man who has already had to deal with more than his fair share of life’s injustices. And just as your life seemed to be going well along comes one of the most terrible injustices imaginable and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Please listen to the other posters and enjoy what time you have left with Maria and don’t be too proud to take up some of the support on offer.

And before you rush to join Maria, just spare a thought for those people you would leave behind and ask yourself how they would cope with loosing two people they hold close to their hearts?

Although I don't know you the world is a better place with people like you around.

Please take care,

Hi their Moz things like this in life dont half break you down nothing will replace all that you have lost and will loose i have been thinking for a day or two what to say to you but nothing comes to mind only that i have been through a similar thing and i hit the booze for years, i think about it every day most of the time every day even with the loss i chose to be strong and survive this decreped world, just carry on old mucka and do yourself proud cause one day you will be together again.

Best Regards BOB....
Moz, I have just read this and although I am a newby to this forum my heart goes out to you mate along with all the others ....I dont know what to say but you are still in my thoughts............. John
Hi Moz. It's been a while since we spoke on this site. My thoughts are with you and Maria. Your contributions to the topics are always witty and valued and show a great strength of character. This will get you through. We are always here if you need us. Hairy Jon.
heeelllooo mozzzz

havent heard from you for a few days hope your keeping on top of things

and dont forget you internet family are here to look after you :D :D ;)
Thank You All for your Kind words of support , ;)

Maria is too weak an needs to stay in hospital , :(
she is really upset at not going away to see her/our soulmate Wendy
in the caribbean ...
unbeknown to my Maria ,
Wendy is flying in tomorrow morning at Manchester ...;)

Im glad in a way as it would of been to much for the lass ..
although I know what was behind it ,she had some illusion/plan
for me , an I would be left with Wendy/over there ..
to help me get through my grief an poss stay there with her .. :(

I made the right choice between them.... back in 1982..back
on our salford sink estate then lol..lol....

My wife is seeing her consultant tomorrow an hopefully we can bring
her home then , shes got a line in with the morphine cassete drip ....:) :)

shes not eating much an in pain ,
looks wasted/worn out ..thats what hurts her more is how
rough she looks ...! ..(shes a Goddess to me !)
always was a very good looking girl ....an Top Bird !!

Ive just shot home to shower/shave an change clothes ..

I been there nearly all week , she told me to go home
an sort meself as Im Minging ,
an the beard look isnt good lol..lol..lol..lol..lol :) :)
Bless her ....;)

I am seeing my solicitor Bill tomorrow morning when I can
slip away as Wendy, Maria chin wag ..

he is a sound bloke also a salford lad done well ..lol
going to sort out the wills an the house sale on top of
my old mucker Daz,(who I went down south working with all
them years ago in the VW Camper ) as exhuctor,
who will sort things for me....

regarding my demise ...
how selfish would that of been overseas .. :(
I was planning my watery suicide mission ...
an thinking about that afterwards how cruel would that
be for my mate/lover Wendy ?!
yeah we visit an stay an our Gorgeous Superstar dies ...:(
then for me to Top meself .........

What utterly poor show that would of been ,lol :( :(

(an knowing me I would walked into the deep blue surf ,
glugging a bottle of vodka , an end up bottling it
or being half savaged by a shark , an the thought of her gardener next morning
having to hook me an drag me back too shore, poor man lol)

The other minus point to my plan was ....my wifes sis Krazy Tracey
was supposed to be going with us ...:)
an her bringing back two coffins to the UK ,I could see my coffin Lost going
around a coursel in Bombay or some place for eternity ,lol....lol..lol

I need to keep things together an show some backbone , I have to be sooooooo strong ......:)
when I want to just fall to pieces , anyway its not about me ...!

My wife discussed earlier an recommends to the wills an savings we have ,
we are in total agreement still, the house sale when we both die will go too ...
the Romanian Christian Orphange Charity ,
we have supported/kept
with for some years now (the house should get 299K, Heaton Moor ?)

savings of 200k ..
She then wrote out cheques this afto to her friends /old Debenham workmates ,family upto the sum of 100k ...for me to give to Bill tomorrow

she will get 150k on her life policy ,
which is being split with,
Cancer Research ,(for me thats better than Christies who I feel ,
have been quite mecenarary in there panhandling,URGGGh.. Sickening :( :(
thats why shes coming home too die !!!FACT !!!! FACT ) Nspcc, Cats protection leagues,....

shes seeing lil katie from next door this weekend or when she comes out ,
as she was our substitute 8 year old daughter/angel ,
who Lucy RIP....:( :( :(

we lost as a Baby ...

hopefully after the *ride*,I will be able to cuddle her
an say sorry for letting her down at birth,
an hug kisses the maria ,then downwards I accept that ..........eternity on the ghost ride ..lol...lol...lol...

She wants to give Tom ,her dad , a cheque for 20k for when shes 18 , for uni ,
or a loaf of bread in ten years ,lol ...

secretly Ive done the same , old mates,work pals , family hmm :( ,

EXCEPT My lovely big Sis, Chris....
who is an exception to my awful family, she kept me an my other sis Jan RIP.... :( :( :( together .. Bless her
she will get her mortgage paid off

+ I am giving Our fat pussy cat Purdy to lil katie next door after my wife dies ,
with cheque for 5k for meaty whiskers ,

I NEED TOO keep it all together an be my wifes Rock, ....an everyones Star Player ..!!!

Bill Hicks RIP once said ...an edited here with respect too Bill as my life :)

Lifes Just A Ride ..!

You dont ask to hop on the ride ...
youre put on it ,
you know nothing whats ahead ...
for the first part its steadly uphill ...
your cruising ..
everying is ok this is the best rollercoaster EVER ...
then after awhile you get twists an jagged turns ...
then then big slow ups an ..........
huge up ..up ..UP.......an you cannot see the ground an the sky so beautiful /God is even so happy patting you saying Well Done...!

then Its crashing down ..down , down ...down ...down ...down ...
will the ride EVER Pick up .....
slowly it levels up .....
your slowly twisting an turning ..vertical....at last ....
then ups slowly up , up up ,up, up , down , little ,up ,
then after a vertical looooooooong run ,thats lil up an down ,
you are in freefall......
down , down .down .. down ...down
...down ...down ...
you know the rides not going to pick up EVER ......
your plummiting into Oblivion ,
its a million miles an hour downwards..
your screaming for help ...
the ride is Broken .... What DO You DO ??????

I stop the ride an get off .....;)

When my beautiful wife passes away , I will organise her dignified ,
respectful Funeral ..

within 24 hrs ...after I Will Stop the Ride ...

my funeral was booked years ago ..
As said here before
I had professional jazz singers ,models/lapdancers mourners ,
Jamaica bands ,etc sorted ... as the coffin goes in ....
a 007 ,*live an let die* Black dancer jumped out ...lol...lol..lol.

Im telling Bill cancel the lot ...
just a killers songs an Morrissey songs ,
quiet no nonsense ...as my wifes funeral was the issue , not mine here ..
in respect to my *better half !*
she is all that Matters here ...Im lost without her ,;)
an I wouldnt last two weeks , ...(casinos ... urrgh, wheres that vodka , temasapazams/Es......)
just a point Wendy is staying at her mams on the old estate not *our*house ...
as Wendy is a fierce one, an she lost *out *...to Maria ...
even if she steals me away .............................................................
I sell my lot an be a lovely 38yo Busty Red Horny Girl , who loved all here life as the wronged girl ..Lover ...

or stop the ride ..........????

need to be there for maria , next week...;)

take care all an enjoy the ride ...
Terrible, news, Moz

Try not to take many sudden decisions

Do all you can to get Maria home even if the doctors try to dissuade you.
I have a sick famiy member who is in her own home with lots of care, live-in plus helpers. much much better than being in a hospital or anything, especially when you have no prospect of getting better.

Take care of yourself as well.


It's good to hear from you.

As John says, take care of yourself, mate. I know M needs your love & support, care & attention at the moment, but don't neglect yourself.

Being at home will be a real boost for her.

Be strong & take care.
I've been away Moz......sorry to hear your news. There are just no words to express.....

The grief that life brings sometimes is just too much to bear. I wish you the best
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