Hello there ....Ive some awful news ...

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Moz, I am really sorry to hear this, I really don't know what to say :cry:
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Hi moz,

Wish i could do something to help. I'm not very good with words, but i hope you draw some strength knowing that all the lads and lasses here at DIYnot, are thinking of you both,Wishing you the best of luck.
Moz said:
I had a lots of friends here

I was a drunk an bad guy

but still Eveyone liked me ...

cheers ,
what a STAR..............thankyou ....;)

I am so sorry Moz - Typically, I completely misunderstood this post. :oops: I thought it was all a windup, and posted accordingly. Thanks to whoever removed the offending post. There's nothing I can say that hasn't already been said. Take care. Regards.
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sorry doesnt even begin to cover it. You need to be strong and make the most of every moment. Its times like these you realise whats important in the world. Whatever you do make sure you look after yourself as well. You need to be strong and as level headed as possible for her. Dont be afriad to talk to people and ask for help, it will wear you down, so take care of yourself.

take care

Moz said:
sober ,;)

but the reality is shes not a well girl ,:( :(
shes in a ward at christies in Manchester ....
No hope they say ....but she could try the chemo but shes having none of it,as been told sucess is virtually nil , when she had her hysterectomy years ago why didnt they see anything then ???
an she wants a holiday away ,so were going to wendies again in St. Maarten Bahamas ....
6 /8 weeks at most left ... :( :(

I think I want be back home in Manchester once she goes ...just walk into the christal clear sea taking big gulps ....an join her ...:(
by all .. ;)
look out for my obit in The Manc Evening News , jonny fish an editor there an old drinking buddy says he will see me proud :) lol..lol...lol..lol...lol
Why didn`t it show years ago........cuz it don`t mate :cry: sounds just like what they told me + Dad....Bugger Manchester, come to Beachy Head , let me buy you a drink or three and try and persuade you to stay on the planet
jees moz! you've had your fair share of hard times.

some here know exactly what your going through and some don't. take care of yourself Moz, we're all thinking about you.
You are one of the main stays of the DIYNOT family and I am really sorry to hear your news. I am sure we are all thinking of you at this very difficult time. You must be strong and voice your feelings to help you cope. My best wishes are with you Moz.
Moz. Whatever you need, if I can help I will, gladly.

Please e-mail me, mate. I only live in Bramhall & my Mum lives in the Heatons, so I'm never far away.

If you need to call me 07963 177 188.
Simon do you know moz other than on this forum?

My thoughts with you moz. I cant imagine what you're going through, but I know other forum members have been here with loved ones before. Keep posting, we're all here for you mate.
All I can do is echo what everyone elso has said, and wish you and Maria all the best.
heeelllooo moz

have sat here for 3 hrs thinking of somthing usefull or helpfull to ease you pain :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

but unfortunatly its all been said already
all i can say is all your internet freinds are behind you and we will look after you if you want us to:cool: :cool:
Its taken me a while to think what can be said in these circumstances

Take her away and give her the best possible time for as long as you are able

As for yourself, you have to find something in your life afterwards that is worth fighting for

I think I may have said this before, but having lost my daughter at 18 to a long term illness, I still had a 16 year old son who faced the same future so I have had to keep going for his sake

You have given so much to others iin your life so far - I am sure there can be a lot more good you can do in the future

Hang on in there Moz
Crafty said:
Simon do you know moz other than on this forum?.

No, but I know he's reasonably local to me and if I can help him I will.
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