Hive, please help with installation :/ Changing Honeywell cm707 to hive thermostat.

There you go then bonfireMike. As it's a Potterton this is how they interconnect.

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@stem thanks very much for your help, that's great, really appreciate that.

From your diagram and from the photos of my current setup, I think all I need to do boiler end is move the black cable from B1 to BK2, then connect the currently unused Grey to B1 and we should be good to go.

Presumably, this one change at the boiler will work for both the upstairs and downstairs Hive receivers, once connected?

Thanks again, really appreciate your help.

@The Novice I did consider a new thread, but then you normally get the responses of 'search button broken?' etc., so figured as it's the same existing thermostat and Hive install, figured it'd be best to just pick this one up as most of it's there. Cheers for your help too and for spotting the difference in posters as such!

Cheers folks.

Just need to hope there's still a blue wire in the loom at the thermostat end...!
So close, yet so far... Just went and had a look behind the thermostat and indeed, there is no blue cable there... The whole bundle is also in a grey outer sleeve, whereas at the boiler end it's in a white sleeve, so guessing there's a joint somewhere else in the house, perhaps where the upstairs & downstairs thermostats split off?

Anyways, given that at the thermostat end, I have just grey, black and brown and earth, could I, in theory:

Brown joining Hive L & Hive 1 together, ultimately to Boiler L
Grey connecting Hive 3 to B1 at the boiler.
Black connecting Hive N to Boiler N.

This would mean Bk2 (which I think is a live of sorts) isn't connected.

My only last concern is that where is the blue cable in the boiler, currently N, connected to, as at the thermostat ends, nothing matches that colour... Might be on for a long run of wire and a multimeter...
Presumably, this one change at the boiler will work for both the upstairs and downstairs Hive receivers, once connected?

If you have two Hive receivers you will have a zoned system with motorised valves. In which case you have to ignore all of what has been said before and it's back to the drawing board I'm afraid!

With multizone's the Hive's will operate their respective motorised valves. They are not connected to the boiler at all.
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@stem ok, that makes sense, I'm guessing they're the two little white boxes that sit outside the boiler at the top! Think I may just have to book an engineer in for this one then... Cheers all the same!

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