Homophobic Amazon policy?

2 Oct 2006
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United Kingdom

:rolleyes: So what? So Amazon have either decided to remove certain books from their search facility for the reasons they have given or their database is shot. Whatever the reason, all the 'I'm a victim' :rolleyes: homosexuals/lesbians want answers! FFS, has a homosexual/lesbian been hurt in the de-ranking of this literature? Did some homosexuals/lesbians go out and kill themselves because they couldn’t find a book on why they shouldn’t kill themselves on Amazon?

If you want to read books on homosexuality/lesbianism and/or with homosexual/lesbian content, go somewhere that DOES sell them then! Or is that too much like hard work? I remember a time, not that long ago, Amazon didn't even exist! If I set up a book shop and don't stock books on Gardening, I fully expect people who want books on gardening will go else where! I doubt they'll be petitioning me on why I don't sell gardening books! :rolleyes:

EDIT: Looks like the de-ranking was due to a Database Glitch.


But the 'I'm a Victim' lot won't believe that! :rolleyes:
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You cannot open ya gob these days without worrying some effer will take offence. I'm just sick of all this 'you can't 'touch me', I'm 'protected' under the law' crap tbh. :rolleyes:

When I was serving my time in the 80s every time you opened the paper there was another IRA bombing. And coz I was a Catholic obviously I got all the flack from the lads on site. "What ya got in ya bait box? It's a bomb! Everybody duck!!!" Did I get upset? NO! Everybody 'got their turn'. Having the pee taken outta ya used to be part of the craic. If anyone got upset or you could see they didn't appreciate the pee take, we left them alone and/or told whoever to leave them alone. These days you'd be sacked for such horse play! Don't get me wrong, I respect rights in society. My recent background is Human Resources. I defended peoples rights. I policed Employment Law in the work place. I might not agree with all the laws but that's an opinion. I will NOT tolerate bullying and harassment of a person but I just think there are people now who 'want to be a victim'. They analyse everything to see if there is the faintest glimmer of prejudice.

Ah well, here come the accusations of me being a prejudice dinosaur! :rolleyes:
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Do you think its something they have slipped in through the backdoor :eek:
You're all just being nasty to me because you know I'm a Catholic! :LOL:
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