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16 Mar 2006
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United Kingdom
I have just bought a new electric oven from an online retailer. Having only ever had gas this is all new.. i had a look behind my existing cooker and there is a gas hookup and electric socket and a blanked electric socket. Having already done a little thinking about this, i know the gas will go straight into my gas hob and the electrical socket is for the auto ignigtion of said hob and i assume the blanked socket is for the oven. The oven has no cable? where can i buy such a cable, what cable do i want? in the back of the oven there is like a terminal block which takes spade connections? how do i wire it? i have contacted kitchen science (who i bought it off) asking for a cable, but am worrying now.
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What rating is the oven??....IT WILL BE ON THE OVEN or IN THE MANUAL
its just a nowmanl double oven, i'm at work so cannot look now, will post ratings when i get home.
It might be normal but it has a rating, I have a normal you cant guess the engine size.

The chances are it will need a dedicated supply, when you get home investigate the blanked off supply WITH CARE.
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It will also have an electrical power rating, for example 4500W or 4.5 kW or 20 Amps. this is the one relevant to the wiring.
Right, i'getting somewhere now. The oven isnt supplied with a lead due to 'the many different types of installation'

The rating:
A double pole control switch having a minimum rating of 32 Amps should be used to feed the cooker using a suitably rated cable.
the cable should be a minimum of 4mm squared PVC insulated twin and earth cable conforming to BS6004 for connection
Can you lay your hands on a digital camera? We can probably advise on conecting, If you can put up pics of:

- the terminal block at the back of the oven

- the big connector in the wall* behind the cooker

- the big switch on the wall marked "cooker"

- The Consumer unit (fusebox), with your finger pointing at the fuse or MCB that says "Cooker" by it, and so we can see the colour and read the numbers on it

*IF you can locate the cooker MCB, and know how to test the terminals in the cooker outlet for voltage in safety, then you can take the plastic cover off it, and show us the big terminals and cord grip behind it. If you don't know how, or don't feel safe doing this, then please don't. Have you got a tester better than a neon screwdriver ( :evil: spits) ?

If it isn't straighforward, your friendly local qualified electrician will do it in next no time (but not a "kitchen fitter" if you can avoid it)

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