Hotpoint WD420 fault

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31 Oct 2009
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United Kingdom
30 month old. Fault - worked fine sometimes, all lights flashing sometimes, sometimes failing in mid program. Several sites suggested it was the main PCB at fault.

I decided to take a good look at the PCB first, rather than chase a replacement. Round the back of the machine, you remove a small oval plastic cover, remove the self tapper below it which retains the PCB's casing, then take off the much larger belt/motor access panel too wiggle out the PCB in its white case. Take careful note of what connections go where as the unit is unplugged.

C17, a 680uF 10v electrolytic cap had some mild signs of swelling on top, so I replaced it with new 1000uf 10v from my stock. Which has completely fixed the problem.

Obviously I'm not sure whether this was a one off faulty capacitor on our machine, or whether it might be more widespread. If a design error it might be better to replace the 10v electrolytic with a 16v version.
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This is very interesting to read, as you may have seen from other posts i have been having problems with my Wd420, hotpoint are waiting for a new PCB, however, i may dig around and have a look at this capacitor.

The cap had just a slight doming to its alloy top, sometimes failure can show as the rubber seal at the other end being pushed out slightly. If there is a castrotrophic failure they can split and explode. Others can fail with no obvious external signs of their failure.

C17 is in the centre of the board, grouped with two similar ones and an inductor.
fortuitous post as I had a Hotpoint WT721 come in on Friday with the same fault.

The capacitor was at 50% of value so we replaced it and it was ok.
We also had the same board from an old Ariston that had the same fault checked that and sure enough C17 was blown.

Cheers for the info it saved the customer a few pennies.
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Got the same problem with my machine, checked board and the C17 capacitor is domed. Going to replace but can't seem to get a single capacitor from anywhere.
I've seen that people have replaced with different capacitors, but what is the best capacitor to replace with?
The one in there at the moment is a 680uF 10V.
Sorry I don't know much about capacitors.
Well for anyone else who has similar problem with lights flashing on their Hotpoint Aquarius like it was christmas!
Main board, behind back cover, bottom left.
Look for C17 on the board, replace the capacitor - 52p inc 1st class delivery!!!!!! from below.

and works like new.

Saved a fortune!!! :LOL:
We followed all the advice on this post and replaced C17 on the PCB and whoop whoop machine all fixed thanks for all your help

bought capacitor on ebay ub1000 10v 105 deg C pk 3 £1.25 postage £1 cheapest repair ever !!!!!
we have the same problem with our wf101 will doing the below solve it on this model as well?
Great detective work. C17 replacement works fine.
Anybody want 5 C17's surplus to requirements?!
On second thoughts maybe I'll keep one in case fault reoccurs in 3 years time!
Great detective work. C17 replacement works fine.
Anybody want 5 C17's surplus to requirements?!
On second thoughts maybe I'll keep one in case fault reoccurs in 3 years time!

I have the same problem but am having issues finding the correct C17 replacement. Do you have one spare? If you do let me know how much you would like. Is it easy to replace? I have never done any of this before so am wondering how easy this is. Do i need any specific tools?

I can send you a couple in the post. No charge just donate to charity. Seems to be plenty of options at the moment.
Not sure your level of expertise.You will need 3 hands. One to apply the soldering iron. another to hold the board, and a couple of fingers to pull out C17. Also you will probably find the rear of the board where the iron is applied may have a varnish like coating.You will need to scrape this away carefully so that the iron can get at the solder to melt it.Pushing the repacent C17 wires through the holes and resoldering should present no problem. Be sure to observe polarity. The grey strip on side of C17 indicates orientation.
If this all seems to daunting then perhaps local Laptop repair shop will oblige
So send an address or buy from E-bay Supplyshopcouk 1000uF 16v
I found this site after having problems with my washing machine 'lighting up like a xmas tree'
On a good day I have problems wiring a plug, however after reading the advise given on this forum I managed to strip out the circuit board, remove the blown capacitor, solder in a new one and put everything back together.
Did it work?
Who's your daddy? course it did!
All for the price of a capacitor and a soldering iron. £7 in all.
Thanks guys
I'm off to see if they need a hand with the Hadron collider thingymajig.
P.S Any one know what a repair service would charge for something like that? ( wasmachine,not collider!)

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