How to build wall with lip/hip bricks 1/4 way up

24 Nov 2009
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United Kingdom

Currently building an extension to my house which uses a hip/lip brick about 5 courses from DPC to 'indent' the wall, which then continues up. I need to know how to build the first few courses from footings up. I plan on laying 2 courses of concrete blocks, then 4 courses of red engineering bricks to DPC, then using facing bricks thereafter. This all matches the existing house build. My question is, do I build the lower courses before the 'lip' approx 300mm total width/deep, infill the cavity with concrete. Then when I start from the top of the lip brick course, the cavity with then be 50mm instead of 100mm. I'm presuming the bricks above the lip course will need a solid foundation to be build from as only half of the width of the brick will sit on the lip brick.

If you see what I mean :confused:

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thanks, here some photos of the construction by the builders, just a shame I dont have the ones I really need. The overhang is approx 50mm so I dont think building a 9 inch wall will work, especially as I cant see any 'sideways' bricks in the house, indicating some being turned. Photos hopefully attached, thanks alot.
There shouldn't be a 2 inch overhang into the cavity. If you look at the diagrams there is brickwork under the plinth and the brickwork above.
Even if there are no headers showing it can still be 9 inch brickwork as stretcher bond can be used for this.
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This should have been set out and allowed for in the foundation walls and built up accordingly, as Stuart says you cannot hang your brickwork 50mm into the cavity, I used to back the face brickwork up with 2" blocks up to plinth level then carry on as normal above with the required cavity size.
Looking at your pics you may need to pinch a bit from the internal size of your extension and build your internal skin slightly on the block and beam floor and maybe reduce cavity width down 15mm or so to get over the problem :oops:
thanks for all the replies and help. The photos are of the original house being built, not the new extension. Yes indeed, it looks like I'm gonna have to cut bricks down to certain widths to complete this task, cheers.
In the diagrams it shows the Queen closers (cut bricks) at the face on alternate courses. This is technically correct as it bonds in better. However in practice they can be quite difficult to lay in facework, so you may find it easier to lay them on the back face and use wall ties, or better still use 2 inch blocks as mikric suggested.

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