Hypothetical question about insurance


17 May 2012
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United Kingdom
I had a loft conversion done and a roof window was added (among lots of other things). Just now a tile from next to the window slid free and crashed to the drive below. Fortunately no cars were hit.

If a tile had hit a car, what is the process? Would the car owner (either me or my neighbour) make a claim through their car insurance against my home insurance, or against the builder's insurance. Is there a time limit for claims against building work? (the work was finished end of November).

Hopefully my builder will come and fix it, although after making the final payment it has been hard to get hold of him for any snagging issues!
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You would have to prove builders negligence, which would be difficult and a costly process.

A third party claim would be personal against you as the owner. A third party world be foolish to claim on their own insurance.

If it's your car it's up to you, but having two insurances in place would mean that (if a high value claim) whatever one you claimed on that insurer would insist that the claim is meet jointly and proportionately by all insurers.
I can remember a customer of mine describing a situation which involved a tile coming off a roof and hitting a car. There wasn't any building work involved it simply became detached in high winds . Unfortunately I can't recall whether it was hers or the neighbours car it hit but she told me that the house insurance classed it as an act of god and so wouldn't pay out and the car insurance companies also had issues with regards as to who was at fault. I really should have paid a bit more attention but I'm sure she ended up paying for the damage herself.
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