Ideal Icos DIY PCB Replacement?

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Please Joe... humour me.... where is that pressure switch? You stated it could be at fault with 'low fan speed'. Elaborate.

Yes but it doesn't vent into the house does it? And what does that have to do with a PCB change?

You'll bring this site down Joe.... thats a classic.
In simple terms that even you can understand.

Anyone can change any part on a boiler that doesn'nt affect the combustion or compromise the safety of the appliance. The list would include a timer, control knob or even the expansion vessel. None of these affect the safety of the boiler. But as the PCB monitors the operation of the safety devices, starts/stops ignition, and often controls the combustion of the gas - it is not a DIY project.

Stick to your own trade, and stop trying to belittle others.
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But it is legal to change it as it does not affect the gas path - and that is all that matters legally.

If that were NOT true then you would not be allowed to give out information re PCBs on the forum - similar to gas valves etc.

Get over it guys - anyone can change a PCB.

Anyone can speed and kill an innocent kid, doesn't mean anyone will.

If it controls the devices that controls the gas path, then it is integral to the safety of the appliance. If that person your advising follows your advice and proceeds and makes a mistake, not setting it up correctly or even understanding what he/she is doing the consequences could be fatal.

Thats the point.
Joe you are such an idiot it almost hurts. It must surely burn your brain getting up in the mornings - co-ordinating all those movements such that you don't fall flat on your harris instead of standing up?

So, now that the OP has sorted his PCB problem out. Would you mind awfully telling me where the Isar has its "vacuum operated sensor."

I think even you must realise how fooking stoooopid you look now with your APS statement, but trust me... the "vacuum operated sensor" one is so good I even made a little wee wee ;).
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Where's Dangermouse? He'll love this - someone ring him quck before the mods lock this down and delete all the funniy stuff :LOL:

Oops... just let out some more pee pee.

Got to go back outside to laugh some more.
Can you buy the PCB from parts Center without showing your Gas safe card....nope so what does that tell you about it..prick!
Have some of the posts started to dissapear yet?
Must be doing something right Joe (or wrong) , never seen so many guys venture out of the combustion chamber. :mrgreen:
joe: no it isn't 'perfectly legal' in this instance and you are just amplifying your ignorance by making such a statement.

change your own PCB if you must, but don't encourage other people to do something that could have heartbreaking consequences.

OP: if you are afraid of being ripped off by a parts overcharge, then why not obtain a PCB from fleabay or whatever marketplace you fancy. and then give it to a registered gas engineer and ask them to fit it as part of a service. the isar is one boiler that really does need a service once a year to keep it from breaking down on you. i would charge £65 to service the boiler and put the PCB in. and if i supplied the PCB, i would guarantee it for twelve months. not a lot of money is it.

i think joe-90 also posts on the dentists' forum and advocates drilling your own teeth with a makita. it's 'perfectly legal', apparently.

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