Induction hob installation

28 Sep 2014
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United Kingdom
I have read various posts but still not sure. Can I wire an induction hob to existing electrics myself?. Currently have gas hob and separate electric oven (5.2kw). Want to replace gas hob with Neff 7.2kw induction hob and wire it to same socket as existing electric oven which is connected to 40 mcb. Have read that it should be ok for power loading. I am not sure if I am allow to do this wiring myself or does it need certification? I will ask gas registered person to disconnect gas hob.

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The question "Can I" is impossible to answer as we have no idea as to your skill and equipment.

Change that question to "Am I allowed" then the answer becomes yes as long as you have the skill required.

The question "What do I need to do" depends on location in Wales it is slightly different to England as to notifying the LABC.

The induction hob comes in many flavours including those which can be simply plugged in and configured for the supply available. But in the main we use a cooker connection unit and where shared with oven a double cooker connection unit.

Don't make my mothers mistake she found she could not read the controls from her wheel chair and also in spite of the fast reaction time of cooker meaning she should not need to lift a pan off the heat the human machine interface (HMI) was too slow to operate needing multi touches of a touch control where as with mine the simple knob was so much fasted never again did we need to lift a pan about to boil over.
Ups missed a bit all electrical work needs certification there are four documents.

1) Minor Works.
2) Installation certificate.
3) Completion certificate.
4) Compliance certificate.

In England where a Minor Works is required with some exceptions like bathroom no of the others are required.

If a installation certificate is required either a completion (LABC) or a compliance (scheme member electrician) is also required in domestic premises.

The Minor Works or Installation certificate needs to be filled in by person doing the work and can be down loaded free from the IET website.

In order to be able to fill them in you will need some test gear. In the main DIY people ignore the need for testing but you asked what is required not what most people do.

I forgot to look at location and once one starts to reply the location is no longer shown.
Adding those two together, the total load would seem to be more than 50 amps = more than your 40A MCB.

But we use a technique called diversity which assumes that (with cooking devices) all of the ovens and rings will never be heating at the same time as thermostats switch in and out.

Using diversity it would seem that you could connect both of those devices to a circuit protected by a 40A CPD, assuming the cable is sized correctly.

You say
wire it to same socket as existing electric oven
but I hope that it is not a socket, but a cooker connection point (ie wired directly in to a plate opn the wall)?

If so, you'll need to change that plate for a Dual Appliance connector
Make sure you use the correct type and size of cable when connecting up the hob and oven.
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Thanks both for the prompt reply and guidance. The oven is wired into a wall plate and not plug and socket.

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