Installing Texecom Smartcom

5 Jan 2020
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United Kingdom

I finally got around to upgrading the firmware on my Premier Elite 24 from V1 to V5, this seems to have gone OK.

I then tried connecting the Smartcom. The instructions say 4 wired connector to COM1 2 wired connector to COM2 but when I connected them this way there was no power to the Smartcom. I tried the 2 wired connector on COM1 and the 4 wired connector on COM2 and it lit up. I have selected ComIP for COM1 and Smartcom for COM2, the opposite way to the instructions, should this be OK?

I have connected the Smartcom via ethernet cable and the light is solid, however there is no activity at all from the cloud LED, I assume this means it's not connecting to the Texecom cloud. When I try and enable the Connect App from the keypad, it errors with Incorrect config CALL terminated.

There is a COM2400 connected which I have tried to disable in Wintex but it is highly likely tat I've not done that right and I'm hoping that it's one of these settings that is causing the Smartcom not to connect.

I think I need to go back a few stages and reset the panel to just after I upgraded the firmware start with the removal of the COM2400. Please could someone tell me the correct settings to remove a COM2400 from the system. I'll then do this and have another go at adding the Smartcom.

Any assistance greatly approeciated.
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hmm a picture of the com connections maybe useful.

COM1 and COM2 and COM3 if used (with adapter) should be capable of providing power the the four wire lead.
The fact your saying COM 1 doesn't provide power worries me.

Incorrect config tells me the unit isn't setup correctly so the programming and pictures may help identify the issue more accurately rather than interpretation of your responses.

Pictures with nothing connected, with cables connected as per instructions (no Smartcom lights) and connected the opposite way to instructions (lit Smartcom)

I’ve had to put the house back together now but can try again tomorrow



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where you have the white label with the version nuber of the panel go up and to the left thats the com1 port you should have connected.
orange circle panels com 1, red cross com2400 com1. you need to connect to panels com 1


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Doh! Thank you. I incorrectly assumed (despite the big COM2400 sticker) that the tiny square thing bottom right was the com2400. I shall try again.

I no longer wish to use the COM2400, is it best to remove it? If so, is that straightforward?
I would change your battery from the 1.2ah to at least a 2.8ah or 7.0ah battery.
Thanks - It did have a 7.0 but it failed and the panel was chirping all night about a faulty PSU, this was all I could find locally a few Saturdays ago so is just a stop-gap. Until I popped the front off the panel today I'd forgotten about it.
just un plug it and program the digi modem as not used.

Hi, thank you so much for your advice, the Smartcom is now connected properly and working.

I have removed the COM2400 and set Digi modem as not used but I'm now getting "No ATS Available" message, is there another setting I need to change?
program digi will also need programming off, if it was still programmed to dial out, but could be the smart com that could be giving ats failure if that is trying to send a message out.
Looks like I spoke too soon when I said it was working. I'm unable to set via app or keypad

When I go to "program digi" ARC1 protocol is Texecom connect, the others are all disabled. Does tis mean it's the Smartcom that's creating the ATS error? If so, any ideas on how to fix?
hold on seems like a lot has gone on.

1. didnt release the app was ever setup in the first place (wasn't connected correctly)
2. probably ats from smart com if nothing else was active at the point you disconnected the com2400
3. you cant arm with an ats fault unless you have hat option turned on in area options, if the smart com has a connection to the outside world you should be able to arm with it if the ats fault is addressed.

I suspect the smart com (4 wire) is on comport x
The com ip part (2 wire) is comport y
The Texecom connect arc is set to use Com x rather than com y
Once you had pointed me at the correct COM1 port, I connected 4 wire to COM1, 2 wire to COM2 and removed the COM2400. Went through the setup options for the Smartcom and it gave me the App code I was expecting. Entered this into the app but I cannot set the system, likely due to the ATS fault.

I've managed to connect to Wintex, not sure if the attached screenshot helps?

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