It all depends on what your policy says, it used to be the case that a lot of them offered DOC (drive other cars) cover on comprehensive policys however the cover was restricted to the minimum required under the RTA (road traffic act)... so thats 3rd party cover only

Due to mis-use and stuff many insurers are limiting it, some no longer provide it at all, and many have a qualifier that you must be over 25, again, read your policy carefully, the other point is I've never yet seen one that extends this to named drivers on the policy, its given to the policy holder only in every case that I've seen.

The car having to be insured elsewhere is often a bit of a myth, check your policy, if it says that then very well, but quite often its not true, however everyone I have seen does require the car to be owned by someone else (for obvious reasons).

Likewise, the in emergency situations only, I'd check the policy (I am aware that some do say that, but a lot don't), and I'd be wary of any insurer who words their polices this way, its a get out clause because who is to define emergency use?

My insurer actually supprisingly gives me DOC on 3rd TPFT cover, despite me only being 20, though I beleive they are one of the few who do, co-incidently if I've recognised the policy wording correctly from when I last read it, I beleive I'm with the same company as JohnD, begin with a letter Q, john? :LOL: )
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No, I';m through Amex. they treated me very well when I had a major crash, so I've stuck with them
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