Is it zone 2? Can I put a duel fuel towel rad there?

24 Sep 2004
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United Kingdom
I am in the process of building a wetroom and would like to install a heating element in the towel rad. Firstly, I need to make sure that I am understanding the zones correctly.

Since this is a 'shower without basin' am I right in my understanding that zone 2 is the area in a 1.2m radius away from the wall outlet of my demountable shower head (ie where the shower hose connects to the wall).

And if I've got that right can I install a dual fuel towel rad in zone 2? The heating element in the rad is rated IP55 and flex outlet would be in zone 3. This will be connected to a switched FCU and possibly timeswitch in an adjacent bedroom and spurred off a ring main protected by RCD at the CU.

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seeing as your shower head is de-mountable, then I would say that zone 2 is 1.2M from the arc that the head describes when removed from the wall..

if you have a 1M flex connection on the shower then you could have the shower head in your hand and turn the towel radiator on...
Thanks for your reply ColJack. Since posting I have done some further investigation and although I don't have the exact text to hand I'm now pretty sure that the edge of zone 2 is the arc measured from the wall outlet and not the shower head on its hose.

There won't be any switches on the towel rail in the bathroom so you won't be able to turn it on in the bathroom. The flex outlet will be connected to a switched FCU outside the bathroom.

To be honest in our bathroom you could probably have the shower head in your hand lean out the bathroom door and turn the hall light and wall sockets on!

Ultimately this will be connected up and tested by a sparks but I'm doing the chasing/box sinking etc, just want to plan it all properly and put everything in the right place for him.

Thanks again.
llama - as an animal with a substantial coat of fur, what do you want with a heated towel rail?

Or a wetroom?

Or a shower for that matter?
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wasn't certain as the regs book only has drawings for non-demountable showers in wetrooms..

ok now after reading the actual definitions of the zones and not just looking at the pretty pictures..

zone 0 and zone 1 appear to be the same thing for wet rooms with a demountable shower head... it extends to a radius of 1.2m from the water outlet at the wall..

zone 2 extends 0.6m from the boundary of zone 1.

zone 3 extends 2.4m from the boundary of zone 2

so zone 2 starts 1.2m from the water outlet, and ends 1.8m from the water outlet..

IPX5 equipment can be installed in zone 2..
This forum's great, loads of helpful folk and llama gags too :LOL:

Great ColJack, that's how I'd interpreted what I'd read as well. Thanks for looking it up.

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