Is Stockton on Tees a ****hole?

2 Jul 2019
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United Kingdom
Never been there myself so can't say for sure, but the word in Parliament is that it might be. James Cleverly's response might have been a little insensitive, at least to the people of Stockton, but I for one thought it was amusing.
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Drove through it years ago and it seemed ok, nothing like some of the deprivation in other northern areas. Voted leave in the referendum but has a Labour MP afaik, maybe that's why Cleverly made his comment. Its a strange world where little long term damage when a tory minister insults the north, but if Starmer or co had done it we would never hear the end of it.

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Fine if he's a comedian. A bit rich for a bloke elected to serve the British people. It's oop north though so it doesn't matter, eh.
Some on here have fixation on running down the South East of England. Let me think who…… :unsure:
Treated for a broken ankle in the hospital, good treatment friendly staff.
I can't be expected to remember all the different usenames I've been accused of using. :rolleyes: ;);););)
And you do realise that you're doing exactly what gnat and Brigadier have been doing this morning, making the topic about me rather than the actual topic of the thread?

Some on here have fixation on running down the South East of England. Let me think who…… :unsure:

Just taken Mrs Bod and my eldest Bod to Epping on their way to Westfield. Be careful was the last thing I said.

Tell them not to look anyone in the eye. Oh, and carry a blade.

Mildly funny at the time, but a bit sad that the fuss afterwards is not that he used the word, but whether it was directed at a person or a town.
The guy has a problem, either way.
He makes Cameron look like a blast from the respectful past, blimey.
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