leader of the free world?

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Could have been worse.. it could have been Clinton in the Whitehouse...
They were both utter rubbish and unsuitable candidates but having a lying narcissist leading America, yes AMERICA is a bad joke! I have yet to see anything he has done to make 'Merica great again'.
Trump is a confidence trickster. Just look into his business deals and his non payment of contractors. He's just playing those poor americans who voted for him for suckers taking away their healthcare, social security payments, regulations that help them etc. His cabinet is full of bankers from Goldman Sachs.

The biggest suckers are his poor supporters, and that's unfortunate.
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Trump supporters know Trump lies. They just don’t care.

This is frightening when people make decisions on lies and untruths (Brexit) and don't care even though they know they are lies.

So u are frightened then :)

and u have only just worked out that politicians tell porkie pies :LOL:

blimey u have led a sheltered life.

Or to put it another way only politicians u do not agree with tell porkie pies :sneaky: :idea::?::?:
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Trump is a valuable resource for sad fux who have absolutely nothing better to do but slag him off on the internet, day in, day out, all hours, to make themselves feel better.
Trump is a valuable resource for sad fux who have absolutely nothing better to do but slag him off on the internet, day in, day out, all hours, to make themselves feel better.
There are a heck of a lot of people feeling better these days then. The numbers of critics is getting larger (even republicans are feeling nervous) by the day. It's not just keyboard warriors either. He's certainly setting himself up well.

Horrific human being.
Trump approval ratings over time....


Gallup tracks daily the percentage of Americans who approve or disapprove of the job Donald Trump is doing as president. Daily results are based on telephone interviews with approximately 1,500 national adults; Margin of error is ±3 percentage points.

Trump :)

The biggest & most dangerous lunatic ever to get to the white house in modern times was John Fitzgerald Kennedy (democrat)
#That fruit cake almost caused world war 3 , a nuclear war.

When the idiot thought it would be a jolly good jape to station Pershing nuclear missiles on the Russian border in Turkey

The idiot & his administration then thought the Russians would not notice & or do any thing about it :LOL: dck eads

But they did & stationed nuclear missiles 80 miles off the US coast in Cuba.

then we had the cuban missile crisis :eek:

Kennedy had every one believe that he faced the Russians down & they threw in the towel,the biggest porkie pie any US president has dumped on the public :LOL:

2 or 3 months after the Russians dismantled the cuban missiles , the US quietly ;) removed the Pershing missiles from the russian border,ther bye hounoring there "deal" with the Russians ;)

then of course there was the Gulf of Tonkin caper ? the US excuse to ramp up the vietnam war.

Trump has done what ? :LOL:
Trump & the russians :LOL:

JFK & the mob/mafia.

what was his name Sammy gia????????? who got the teamster union to nominate kennedy ? wonder how he did that ? ;)
How about Richard Nixon :LOL::LOL: water gate ;) secret bombing of Cambodia ;) the rise of Pol Pot and the killing fields ;)

Kissinger on an international wanted list in certain coutries (holland ?)

trump has done what ??
2 million dead in cambodia in what 10 years? out of a population of what ????

way to go . Kissinger is still walking around appearing on telly getting a nice fat pension .

who cares Hmmm perhaps noseall does ???
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