Lintel(s) [and technique] - advice needed

23 Feb 2009
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United Kingdom
I have a 3.6 m x 3.6 m single storey outbuilding, and am planning on installing 2 x 2.5M sliding patio doors in the north and east walls.

The wall construction is cavity wall (brick outer, aircrete block inner. The aircreate block skin has a single course of bricks on it at the very top. [I'm not sure why ?]).

The roor joists run north to south, so the north facing wall is load bearing, whilst the east facing outer skin has the relevant joist sat on top of it.

I am wondering what the best solution for lintels would be.

I obviously definately need lintel(s) on north side (as it's load bearing).

Would I need lintel(s) on the east side ?

Also - I googled "Lintels - Cavity Wall", and there appear to be many variations on a theme for single-piece lintels (such as these :- Cavity Wall 110-125mm - Lintels ..obviously mine would need to be 2.5m + ).

However - I struggle to visualise how I could fit these, as the walls are all pre-existing. Would it be better to fit (for example) lintels on the outer and inner skin ? If so - I'm guessing these would be stell ? (as Pre-stressed concrete ones seem to only be available in 1.8m) ?

Any advice greatly appreciated.
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