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18 Nov 2007
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United Kingdom
There seems to be quite a few places that is doing the Makita 8390 with 3 1.3Ah batteries for £99 which sounds like a bargain. Only thing worrying me is the 1.3Ah battery life. Its a 18V combi drill which is what I am after and it ticks all the boxes for me bar future proof.

Been looking at the Ryobi 1+ range the CHI1802 not be confused with the CHP1802 where it is falsely advertised. The CHI1802 is a 18V combi and seems to be similar in spec as the Makita but a higher 2nd gear RPM of 1400 or 1600 ( cant get a precise figure from the various sources)
This is a bare drill so add another £60 for a charger and battery set.

Now the dilemma is that I wanted a cordless drill that will last longer and be future proof, Now the Makita is using the NiCAD batteries now these are going to be phased out soon, and I want to jump on the LiON bandwagon and Ryobi have released the new Lithium batteries in the states (Cant find any UK retailer :() What I was thinking was that maybe in a year or two down the line the Lithium bats will be released here or worst case scenario ship some over from the states at a premium. I can then use these new superior bats in the drill I already have.

I have seen both and really fell for the makita build quality and know its going to last but the Ryobi idea has thrown a spanner in the works :(

What you guys reckon? Is that Makita the bottom of the line poverty spec model or something?

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I've got one of those Makitas and love it. Small, powerful, balanced.
I'll buy another when it wears out so not worried about future proofing.
I also have an 18v Makita with two 1.3 nicads and it is a good bit of kit.

I also have 2 12v makitas with 1.3 nicads and just wouldn't be without them.

As long as you discharge the batts completely you will get a long life out of them.

Just think how cheap the nicad batts are going to be in a few years time when they need replacing.:cool:
the only problem with 1.3 ah batts is the running time the power is exactly the same regardless of the fuel capacity

i have dewalt and bosch as my main kit and ryobi as my back up kit

the ryobi will do 80% of the big boys toys i rate ryobi as diy light to medium trade at 40 percent of the price

both the drills you mention are 1600rpm just click on "more info"button

the new lithium stuff will work fully with the present stuff except the old charger wont charge the new batterys
and the new chargers arnt avalable in 230v yet
i have slide on ryobi 18v and one plus tools include
hammer drills impact drill circ saw s jig saws mitre saw recip saw nail/ staple gun fan lamtrim/router planer fluro lamps

the makita is indeed great value but not if you want to extend your range with further tools
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Cheers. I'm swaying towards the Makita at the moment and the only things putting me off is the 1.3Ah bats and the slower higher gear RPM. How will this Makita fair on masonry like brick mainly? As I will be using for drilling wood and occasionally masonry and also driving so the compactness and balance really helps with that.

Also is it possible to use the higher capacity 2.6 Ah 18V NiMH bats on these drills, assuming the original charger will be able to charge NiMH too? They seem to be the same shape...
you can use any battery in the range that fits the ah is only the fuel tank
it wont be any more powerfull but will run for longer
as you say the battery and charger must also be compatable
i rate ryobi as diy light to medium trade

Never heard that one before :LOL: :LOL: ;)

where does everything else sit on the big-all trade scale?

forums a bit slow ehh :D ;)

if money is no object you would buy the best kit thats been recommended that you like the best :p

but in reality when we start out we are skint the sort of info needed is what kit is good value for money and how will it will last

now with a description of "diy light to medium trade!!!!!

you could rebuild your house top to bottom evenings and weekends the ryobi is well up to it

your a carpenter electrician ect will cover 80 percent of your work except the really heavy drilling cutting ect

now on the odd occasion when the ryobi ain't up to the job or you burn it out you can replace with big boys toys

now a year or so down the line if you have say 12 power tools the chances only 2 or3 will need replacing but luckily you are now more buoyant financially and can choose your own tools
you can also rate the tools you use and pass on your words of wisdom to other forum members who need guidance from an impartial source :D :D ;)
ah all now is clear!! (wasnt taking the ****, well i was but i was intrested to see your thinking behind it seeing you always quote it?) ;)
OK great. Well the batteries dont say they are compatible on the spec list but they look identical. Only worry is if I buy one of these batteries and it don't fit. I also see a few cheap imitation bats which are not Makita make at all, need to be careful I order the pukka ones.
the batteries will have a model number this can be used to determin the compatability with what tools

but in general manufacturers make new battery ranges look different if they dont fit to save confusion so if they look the same

should also mention the full range off battery capacitys between 1.3 and probably 3ah will be avalable for your drill
So would it be safe to assume the 18V variants bar the LiION bats would most likely fit? From all the pictures I have seen they seem identical. The spec list for the NiMH bats from Makita do not mention the 8390 drill is compatible, maybe they do fit and work but they are saving their asses just in case...

For some reason I cant find any higher charge NiCAD bats for this type only 1.3Ah which is very strange, maybe I'm not looking hard enough!
they are fine if they fit its the charger [as you know]may be the problem

also the letters at the end are likly to mean a model number 8440** with the last 3 letters actualy meaning nimh with 3 1.3 batteries

so maybe one with a larger capacity will have a different code [or part of] at the end
so googling the full code will always get you the same drill
a bit like ford orion 2.8 tdi if such a car exists [2.8L turbo deisel injected

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