Meter removal

You could say you are rewiring & adding additional loads to your installation, and is your supply up to providing 100A? If not, you need an upgrade.... ;)
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Ok , by some miracle the Scottish Power bod rang today and visited the house.

Turned out to be a very reasonable fella to be honest. he said that the braided cable would be replaced regardless as it wa so old, and that the removal and repositioning would only be £120 :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

He even said that as the job was so small he would probably fit it in around other jobs they have on, so i probably wont have to wait the usual 4 - 6 weeks :LOL: :LOL:

Happy days

Many thanks all
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I need my meter and cutout board moved 6 inches to the right to allow for some boxing in I'm doing.. the cable comes from behind the board and looks to be coming from the direction i want to move it to..

it's only 4 screws, as long as i'm careful can I do it as there's no actual electrical work to be done..?

there also seems to be a rather dodgy main earth connection.. please see photo 4 for a look...

My meter and pipes i'm boxing in..

My meter in close up..

Behind the board..
hole to the right is where the cable comes in..

Dodgy earth connection????
Thats the messiest meter board i've seen for a while. Very dodgy. Wheres the supply neutral go?
through a hole in the board, behind the board and into the wall with the live and earth.
Don't move the board it's not worth it.

If you do move it you could damage the cable entering the property.

Safest to get DNO in.

If we damage it we fly down your hall not you. :eek:

Can you not fit a box in round that anyway?

Plus where does that neutral terminate?

P.S Crafty that's nothing lol :LOL:
RF Lighting said:
Let us know how you get on.

We love a happy ending :D

Happy ending :D

Meter is removed , wall is coming down next saturday for £900 less than originally quoted , so the ending is very happy :D

Many thanks to all who posted help and advice , its much appreciated. :D

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