More illegality in Conservative Campaigning

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I agree, but that doen't mean that it's not true. We've just got to wait till the other sides dirty little tricks come out.

It's just politics, that's all.
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Probably in another time zone, out with lots of very rich successful friends, Skiing :p
Well done mitch, learnt from previous experience:

Anyway, it is nearly lunch time.
Did you log on with the wrong username? The comments were about Nosey :sneaky:
Where is Nosey? Is he skiing with golfers somewhere? Or is there something more sinister going on? :eek:
How was it mate?
Distanced myself from the hard core animals and spent large parts of the day perving on Benners beach. Incredible stretch of land.

Ate in a very nice restaurant called Casa Tonis. Fresh fish, good steak and awesome Parma ham.

Had one late one (8:00 am).
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