Motor wiper testing.

If this problem happened recently, could it have been when the wiper blades were glued to the screen with ice?
This van was stood over the very cold period, and all snow, ice, frost had thawed, when next in used. So the problem was not down to frozen blades on windscreen.
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Water pump, no
Does the water pump not still work with the fuse out? Or does the fuse control the wipers and pump?
The pump works on same fuse as wipers
You will get a motor from a breaker for small money, stress free?
There's not a lot of breakers around here that do vehicle parts, the few that do that I know exist, I have called and they have none on the shelve, also tried a couple of on-line part finders but little success, but there is one on ebay and seen another trader selling one.
But if I can clear the fault I would be much happier, obviously if the windings are knackered, it's not going to happen.
Car electrics are an art form
Indeed and amazingly enough I wanted to be an auto electrician when i left school, but my career took another route.
As already said, earth (negative) brown (on the first image). Red or green to positive should give you motion, but will be bypassing the auto park switch, which may well be your peoblem
Will get it out on the bench tomorrow and see what comes of the testing.
with the switch in the off position the motor will run until the park switch is broken so in theory the low speed winding could be shot as it stays energised until park
as suggested bench testing the motor windings is the way to go, are you sure the linkage isnt seized up?
The link assembly for the wiper arms has full movement.
The wipers were in the parked position at the time the fault had become evident, as the van had been stood for a few days and the last time it had been in use, the wipers had not been operated. So wiper control were in the off position.
Whether that is relevant , I don't know?
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Up date:
Test carried otu:
Neutral/Earth to Brown core and Live to Green-Green/Red wiper turned

Neutral/Earth to Brown core and Live to Red-Green/Black fuse popped
Sorry, where are you getting the multicolored wires, Red/Green/Black?
Just noticed, what I thought was a brush is a capacitor or similar, where does the brown wire connect in the motor?
Just noticed, what I thought was a brush is a capacitor or similar, where does the brown wire connect in the motor?
There are three carbon brushes, one is out of shot, behind the capacitor.
On photo red and green cables are terminated at brush points.
The brown disappears as shown in photo, this is the only place it is visible.
Sorry about that, I didn't see the green/black wire at the back. So you have a short either in the red circuit or in the green/black circuit. Or in the switch gear under the black cover.

The above picture shows the red wire as it goes into the brush very close to the head of what looks like a rivet? Is that rivet earthed or insulated?

If you have a multimeter measure for resistance between terminal 4 and the body of the motor, I would imagine it will be almost 0 Ohms = Short.

If you wanted to disconnect the wires from terminal 4 and see if the short is in the wires or in the switch gear under the black plastic cover, try to narrow down the problem.

To answer your previous question about the water pump, to my knowledge the pump does not obtain power through the wiper motor.
Not been back to the motor for a couple of days, as have been to busy so never got to do any other testing on it.
But I have now convinced myself that the winding is shorting and managed to get hold of a used motor for £20. Picking it up tomorrow, so will see then, hopefully I are right.
Thank you guys for all your input and valued comments and direction, it is very much appreciated, you have all been very helpful. I have some beer in the garage to toast to you with!l
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