Music - What Should I Do?

buy a synology NAS, with DLNA capability (pretty much all of them) and then use media players or basically any modern wifi speaker and you can play your music and film collection anywhere, even away from home on your iPhone. the DS218 is a good starter (2 bay 2018 model) but the older models work fine too. You then just need a couple of drives (e.g. western digital reds) and you are sorted.
That's what we did. Copied all the CD's and use a NAS drive. Kept the vinyl as is, but then chucked the CD's up in the loft out of the way.
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A couple of things about downloading..

You don’t commit an offence downloading music from an illegal source. You expose yourself to a claim for damages for the cost of the license. The offence is distributing copyrighted material without a license.

If you purchased the music originally you have a license for that copy. You almost have everything you need to be compliant if you then choose to download.

The problem is, if you upload while downloading (e.g how a torrent works). then you commit an offence.

It is the same as lending your CDs to someone or borrowing one.
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