Music - What Should I Do?

11 Jan 2004
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United Kingdom
Touched on this before....

We have a massive collection of music on 45's, 33's, cassettes, CD's, DAT and mp3.

Moving into the future, do you think we should:

Digitise it, put it on a dedicated HDD accessible by PC's, laptops and Alexa?

Sell the lot and buy unlimited access to music from a cloud?

What do you think is the best solution that would make music accessible anywhere in the house and away from home?

What you you do?
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Go through your collection - download every one that's in it - then you can sell the original media. No one will know, no one cares.
Will there be anything left that's not in the cloud yet?
Well you're not going to buy the same music again in a different format.

By cloud do you mean remote media storage ? I've always thought it a very bad idea
buy a synology NAS, with DLNA capability (pretty much all of them) and then use media players or basically any modern wifi speaker and you can play your music and film collection anywhere, even away from home on your iPhone. the DS218 is a good starter (2 bay 2018 model) but the older models work fine too. You then just need a couple of drives (e.g. western digital reds) and you are sorted.
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Thanks for your thoughts, guys.

Would you subscribe to a music library, or would that be prohibitively expensive in the long term?
Would you subscribe to a music library, or would that be prohibitively expensive in the long term?

I've been using spotify for a few years, I forget how long exactly but lets say 5 years at £10 a month. That's £600, while expensive it's a lot cheaper than buying a lot of the music I might only listen to once or twice and a lot less than a fine you might get for downloading without paying.

We've all thought of a song we might want to hear again but it's not one you're really that bothered about, this is a good way of having that accessibility without having to buy something you wont use again. However I do find while it's good to discover new music or artists I maybe wouldn't normally, I do find myself just listening mostly to things I already own on hard copy media.

It's worthwhile for someone who's listening to music all the time which is why I find it worthwile for me; I also have a Sonos system in the house, as well as being able to listen to anything I like in the cars/vans through bluetooth direct from my phone, because the radio is mostly ****e.
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[Like judge (Rowan Atkinson) in NTNN sketch]

Sonos? What does that do?
Digitise it
Let us know if you find a good A-D converter.

What you you do?
Play vinyl. But I do want to rip some of it before it degrades any further. FLAC here we come. If I can find a decent A-D converter.

Play CDs.

Play MP3s which I've ripped from CDs on a microdrive in the car. (Only because I happened to have one spare - if I was going to buy media I would have gone solid state)

If you want to buy downloadable files try these people:
Sell the lot
A friend of mine who was gung-ho for CDs in their early days, when they sounded utterly carp, sold all his vinyl.

Now he says "I used to have a great vinyl collection, but some idiot went and sold it."
Would you subscribe to a music library, or would that be prohibitively expensive in the long term?
No. Use a cracked app.

The thing is with monster record collections from the 1750's, is that only about seven get listened to (even though they are ones heard daily on the radio), and then once every five years ( usually whilst drunk) someone thinks it's adorable to put on the B side of some or other obscure EP import from their teens to reminisce about the time they walked past a fit blonde in a Ford Anglia Super.

Bin them. Download what you actually like.
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