New house, mis-matched mortar everywhere

you have not posted any pic of the house compleat ? in the brick layers defence they can only use the things they are given to work with. bad management on building sites today and tight time lines are a joke. here is a clasic of wet materials. you have said they used a supplier of moter from a giant readymix devices i think you mean a silo. here you have good equipment used badly. the fact that you said there were a gang who did the first lift was replacesd. do you know why bet was that they left the site because of the crap that they had to work in .and with .BRICKWORK , from what i can see in the pics, they are right it will clean off, and it will weather in time ( not over night ) i see that they are a hand made brick so there harrises are not true . ( the edges to you ) so looking down the line will apear wavey. this is normal with this type of brick. as for any other comment with the pic you posted the beds look ok and the purps look the long run what i see looks fine (cleaned and in time ) if indout send me more pictures for a better look
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haha! yeah think i might be going to space too! no excuse for work like that! if your using the silo the water can be turned down to make the mortar stiffer and the bricks just need stacking to dry out! like i said ive worked on a lot of sites and always done a good job with whatever i was using! i know people on site rush to make money but like i said no excuse! anyway new here!!
That looks good compared to some of the brickwork i come across on our sites :D :eek: As said before ,no excuse really ! apart from crap conditions, wet weather,tight deadlines and poor wages ,management e.t.c.
that would be my excuse :LOL:
Also I think bricklayers must now be the worst paid trade in the all the building industry IMHO :cry:
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without wishing to divert from the original thread (but i am!), how do they fill those silos on site or are they taken away on a lorry and done at a plant?
yeah filled on site, your right what your saying mikric, prices are really bad at the moment, think the subbys are taking a good cut tho! thats why work is rushed so much on site, stopped working on site last august and started up on our own me and another bricklayer and never looked back since, not even had to do any advertizing up to press!
Well, the bit that really gets me is that someone stands back and says "Yup - good job, I'll put my coat on and go home now.."

Also, the NHBC have inspected many times and although they have specific (published) technical documentation associated with brickwork, blockwork and finishing, they haven't got the Cahones to get the problem put right at source

The arguments over pay, conditions, time pressures may well be true, but this builder makes a great song and dance over deliberately taking twice as long to build c/w other developers.

Coming back to the thread, is it now the collective views that the problem is the colour of the mortar is down to the mix wetness ?

As a matter of fact, all of the brickwork took place in the summer - no rain... at all.
its called a pile of s**t in my books!

Why don't you just say it how it is? i can't stand you PC types. :LOL:

(that's Politically Correct - not Police Constable)
the mortar joints look fairly regular and the smudges are only cosmetic.

the brickie needs to learn how to clean his level before putting it to the brickwork.

at least there is evidence a level has been used.
the mortar joints look fairly regular and the smudges are only cosmetic.

the brickie needs to learn how to clean his level before putting it to the brickwork.

at least there is evidence a level has been used.

I can't believe you've said that. I'm no brickie but I would be ashamed to produce that sort of work.

Looks to me like someone used cheap labour rather than time-served craftsmen.
tipical of a load of barmpots who know nothing about building on site !!!!!!! ill say it again i would like to see the full picture of the plot ......and if you don,t like it then don,t buy it ,,,not all bricks are ths same. silo mortar out of a silo with the water turned down to stiffen it up :mad: . you have not used much of you.....keep your crappy comments to yourselfs .
haha! not getting into a debate over comments, everyone works different and have the own views!!! as for the silo mix, so your telloing me theres no water gauge on the silo? the amounts of times the forklift drivers have brought a perfect tub of mortar all day long and it only need another to mess about with the water and it comes like soup! anyway like you said lets see the finished house!!!
There really is no excuse for such shoddy workmanship, there is a code of building practice which this falls way short of. I wouldn't pay out for that work.

The site agent and or the foreman must be a wimp who doesn't want to rock the boat.

I would err on the side of the person who said it was done by cheap labour as I would hope that a time served bricklayer would never produce such work.

And as a point of reference I spent the first 15 years of my working life on sites around the south east and a few in germany.
none of you, jumped-up, armchair critics have had to go out in the pouring rain and earn money.


it is easy to pour scorn on another mans workmanship.

i'm not condoning the work in the picture. far from it. i've merely offered the positive aspects attributed to it.

there is no doubt, cosmetically it is a mess.

i try and think laterally, unlike a lot of posters on this site.
been there all week on a large site in mid sussex, up to my ankles in soggy clay, laying a patio. Despite that its been done and is in pristine condition. Why because we were careful, using overshoes to stop muddy feet going on it etc, the materials were kept as dry as possible and everything was cleaned down at the end of the job.

My father was a brickie for 45 years and i ve worked on both the tools and as a surveyour. I personally dont think the presentation of the brickwork is acceptable. If it was too wet to lay then they shouldnt have done so. I wouldnt expect any of my guys to turn out work like that and i certainly wouldnt have accpeted it as a surveyour or as a customer. Its not pouring scorn, the poster was asking for views on it. He is a paying customer. He is not buying a pint of milk, its the biggest purchase he will make in his life, so he has got a right to expect certain standards. He shouldnt need to be bothered with reasons why it might be like that, the bottom line is it shouldnt be like that.

now im just going to post on the general diy forum to ask how to get mud off of my velour 1980s armchair ;)

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